Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Our Guinea Pig, Carmel, has scurvy!

Carmel is the little brown one on the left.

I was showing our 2 year old neighbor boy the Guinea Pigs yesterday and noticed the little brown one was dragging her hind legs. I felt horrible for the little critter and thought that she was dying and in terrible pain.

I got right on the computer and Googled "Guinea Pigs" but that wasn't detailed enough so I Googled "guinea pigs dragging hind legs" and WOW, there it was. Guinea Pigs, if not given enough fresh fruits and veggies, will eventually get scurvy and then end up being paralyzed. Apparently, their little bodies need Vitamin C and Calcium in healthy amounts. We have given our Guinea's carrots and lettuce and grapes but obviously not enough.

So yesterday afternoon and in to the evening the kids were wrapping Carmel in blankies and hand feeding her fresh strawberries and grapes and carrots. I'll be going to the grocery store today to be sure we have fresh food in the house.

(Janice was wondering if my children have Scurvy. She's sassy like that though.) :-P

Good news and miraculous too. This condition can be reversed. So we will be caring for our little Guinea Girl and seeing to it that she has a scrumptious diet of fresh, organic, pesticide free, home grown (getting carried away) fruits and veggies.

The internet also suggested putting pure cranberry juice in the water bottle. (See, The Fat Flush is good for them too). We tried both cranberry juice and Emergen-C but they took one sip and that was it. They didn't like it at all.

Janice, Carmel is 'hurting' and you are not allowed to call her a RAT today. K?


Donna Boucher said...

he he !!!

Not a rat....he he....

Heal, Caramel, Heal!

Donna Boucher said...

p.s. girl, you've got some high maintenance critters there.....

Janice said...

you know how I feel about the ill, I would never make fun of poor Carmel

I wonder if there is a mind/body connection for Guinnea Pigs?

Janet said...


I know. There is something in her future that she is dreading so she is dragging her feet.

See, I is smart.

Janice said...

now you're getting the hang of it!

Amy said...

Janet, if I come to your house dragging my feet behind me, will you wrap me in a blanket and feed me chocolate?

Seriously, poor Carmel. Get well soon.

Janet said...

Amy, YES I WILL!!!!

grateful sister said...

Amy, she has done that for me many times!!

sis' cindy :) said...

Oh My Gosh! Now this just made me LOL on a gloomy MO day!!!! I actually have a guinea pig visiting my room this week...I must check her hind legs!! I KNEW Janice would come up with some REASON emotinally the guinea pig was limping but Janet you done good!!!!!

Great laugh today gals!!!

XXOO cgb :)