Monday, April 07, 2008

A Bridal Shower

For a very special lady who is about to marry a very special man. This is Miss Tammy. She will be marrying my brother-in-law Keith on May 3rd. Without going in to detail I will say Keith's journey has been a bit rocky but God in his grace and mercy has brought him to a wonderful place. Keith loves the Lord with all of his heart and God has blessed him with a lovely young woman who also loves God. Together they worship and serve and seek to obey Him. My friends, God is faithful and good and answers prayer. Never stop praying and believing in the work of Christ.

This day was quite a celebration!

Here she is....the bride to be!

Is there anything better than tulle and satin ribbon? It just screams BRIDE.

My girlfriend's mother made and decorated the cake. Isn't it sooooo cute?!

Wow. Isn't Janice talented? I bought the flowers at Costco and just look at what Janice created. Stunning! She also made two small arrangements and a darling little nosegay for Tammy to hold during the shower. The flowers were like manna, they seemed to have multiplied from the time I handed them over to Janice. They were such a special addition to the shower. Thank you Janice!

Last but certainly not least, my helpers. My Dani and cousin Abby. They really are best friends and cousins.


Amy said...

What a cute bride!

That cake is precious, and Janet did do a great job on those flowers.

I do so love all things wedding related. It's just such a joyful time!

Blessings to Keith and Tammy!

Writing and Living said...

It all looks wonderful!

Donna Boucher said...

Dear Janet,
I love what you wrote about Keith and Tammy! How touching.

Tammy looks so happy!
The cake and plates are adorable.

The flowers are so pretty Janice.

Dani and Abby are so pretty and grown up...and helpful :o)

Thank you for sharing!

Praying and believing in the work of Christ,too,

Anonymous said...

Oh my, she will be an adorable bride.
Weddings where love for each other is promised because both people are alive with the love of Christ- nothing better!
I hope that last sentence made sense- for some reason I can write trivia but have a hard time expressing the things that mean the most.

Costco!!!! Donna said they are building a Costco in Madison. Of course they had to build it in the furthest nether regions of the county. Blast. I'll start saving now and maybe I'll have enough gas money to get there by the time it's built.