Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank You and Poems

Thank you for commenting yesterday! I'm so excited to send you the book. It will be on its way soon....


For a gal who just doesn't DO poems, I wrote two yesterday.

Please, please know that this is not an area of strength. I would much rather do Algebra. Yesterday, however, was unique. Sarah had an assignment due and I had a chance to win a big ole prize. (I didn't win)

The first one I helped Sarah write:

My Old Dog Mack
Sarah Walworth (9)

My old dog Mack
How he loved to eat!
He chowed down every day on gobs of meat
He ate hot dogs and carrots and lollipops too
Mack ate so much it made him blue
His teeth were so yellow
His mind very mellow
He sat down and said "boo hoo"

It was fun helping Sarah write this. It brought back fond memories of dear Mack (who died in November). She was a little concerned that not all of it was completely true. ;-)


Mrs. Rocks In My Dryer was holding a contest yesterday. She asked for a 'Haiku about your Mom'. Here's mine:

Mom died much too soon
Nancy stepped in to fill void
Huge sacrifice, love

So there you have it. Two mediocre poems in one day from a gal who just doesn't do poems.

Maybe I'm just feeling the need to be vulnerable on my blog.

Good news! I know a few of my readers who can write a MEAN Haiku!!

So, write me a Haiku today. And have fun!


Donna Boucher said...

Janet, your Haiku is indeed vulnerable. It touched me.

I have to do school with Katie....but I will come back with a Haiku. I like Haikus.

Janice, a sis said...

check you out
spreading your wings
writing poems
go girl

does it count as a poem if I write it in that structure?

Donna Boucher said...

There is no doubt in
my heart or my mind Esther
Jean loved her babies

Lucy is that you?
No, it's Esther Jean Hansen
Jim's beloved wife.

Those aren't great....ah well

Amy said...

Y'all are so sweet. I wrote this one about my mom.

You hugged me with food,
Made a tomato sandwich;
It tasted like love.

I wish now I would have made the last line

"love, spread with mayo."

I'm sure that simple change would have won the $1000. Quite sure.

I like your haiku very much. It was very touching. :)

Janet said...

Janice. Um, no. ;)

Thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...

I can't do


Junebug said...

About Michael Johns
I was sad he had to go.
What a big surprise.

I must admit though
I was glad Christy Lee left
She was annoying.

I like David Cook.
They say he is a rock star.
I think he does great.

Keisha will be.
The next one to go away.
Or maybe the blond.

Why does she pout so?
Her expressions are tiring.
Stop making faces.

Lynn in WI said...

Janet loves Jesus
I like thinking about this:
We'll eat together!


And one for Donna:

Our husbands think we're knitting

Haiku! All you need to know is how to count to seven. My kind of poetry.

Janet said...

These are GREAT and so creative.

Thanks for playing along. :)