Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny Pages

Lauren whispering to me a few weeks ago when Sarah had Mono.:

"Mama, don't tell anyone about Sarah's LIMPNODES, ok?


Me to Sarah while walking through Target when she had Mono.:

"Sarah, please don't spit on anyone today, K?"


Dave to me upon returning from a French pedicure:

"Hmmm, looks like your toenails need to be cut."


Me to Stacey last week:

"Guess what? I'm getting out of the house today, all by myself. I'm going to a funeral!!"


Janice to Janet on Saturday as Janet is leaving for the bridal shower:

"So are you taking your bridal shower clothes with you?"

"Um, no, THIS is what I'm wearing"



and sometimes it's all you can do to get by.......


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was just at Quiet Life spouting off about how the comments there today are better than medicine.
And then I trot over to you and find MORE GOOD MEDICINE!
And so funny!
I think I'm changing all our anatomy book terminology to 'LIMPNODES'
Not spitting on folks is my general advice as my family heads out the door too.
Keep laughing!

not amused ;P said...

I think this entire blog was designed so you could post my blunder all over the internet, now the whole world will know how tactless I am.

What she forgot to include, dear readers, is that her husband came in the room 10 min. later, he was on the phone with Janet, saying "you'll just have to get over it, I'm sure what you have on is fine"... I was horrified...Janet has been known to be a bit sesnitive once or twice in the past...

well they were messing with me... and they did a good job!!!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh this is funny!!!

You have a better memory than I do Janet.

Super funny!

Janet said...

Janice.....yeah, it kinda was for your sake. :-P

A bit sensitive once or twice. bwahahahaha