Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not So Quiet

Donna sent me this wonderful cookbook for my birthday.

So, tell me, do you use these recipes and do you have a favorite?

Thank you Donna! I can't wait to dig in!


Speaking of Donna!

She's got a new gig. And I couldn't be happier for her. My sister is so incredibly talented and she is doing something she absolutly loves. Not to mention with like, one of the most famous ladies in blogland.

Here is the photography page where Donna's work is highlighted a couple times each week.


I have to tell you that when I found out Donna was invited to contribute to Ree's site I screamed things like "oh my goodness, LIKE, NO WAY" in my best valley girl voice and then I yelled "knock it off" in my best Wisconsin accent and then I went on for 10 more minutes shouting things like: are you going to her ranch? are you going to meet her? are you both going to be on Oprah? can I be your assistant? I begged that one, suddenly I know all about back light and PS3 and layers and opacity and telephoto lenses and natural light from the north window. See, I know a lot and I would make THE WORLD'S BEST ASSISTANT. K, Donna?

Call me.

I'm available.

Love ya.


Donna Boucher said...

You crack me up, Janet!

I think you have the photo lingo down!!!

I did not even know about opacity until about two months ago.

Perhaps I can pick some lotto numbers for you....since I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Thank you for always being my biggest encourager!!

Love you,

Janet said...

James would call me a poser.

And I am one.

Lynn in WI w/DSL said...

Janet--you realize that being Donna's assistant means you must always have ice AND Dr. Pepper in the fridge.


I haven't looked at the cookbook but if there's a chocolate chip cookie recipe in there it's probably the same one that they published in their Cooks' Illustrated magazine in 1996. It's the best.

And your new boss' boss would approve--it has LOADS of butter. ;)

Writing and Living said...

I love America's Test Kitchen, but I never seem to catch the show. I'm looking forward to hearing how you like the cookbook.

girl who wants to work out of her house said...

um, I think I would make a better assistant...I have a lot of office experience

I think you should look at our resumes before you make a decision

so happy for you, Donna

so happy for you and your DSL, Lynn

Donna Boucher said...

he he

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you spell ubiquitous?
She is everywhere! Quiet Life, Pioneer Woman, here, even the soccer field.
If you are going to be her assistant you better have your running shoes laced up and ready for action!

Amy said...

Janet, my brother has that book and loves it. He's a much better cook than I am. Therefore, if you use that book, you will be a much better cook than I am. But you probably already are, so no worries.

When I blogged about Donna's new gig I regretted that I didn't write that she was blogging in the stratosphere of the blogosphere. But it seemed like cheating to go back and change it. So I'm using it here.

You know, they make Dr. Pepper in Texas, right down the road from me -only about a 3 hour drive. I could run down and pick up some fresh ones, and then head up to The Ranch. And that is why I should be Miz Booshay's assistant.