Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Show Time

We've had two shows so far and they went off without a hitch! The cast is just incredible! This is a high school production. They don't seem nervous and they don't miss a beat. I guess that means they are well prepared and a very talented group.

Dorothy is only a freshman! She has a quiet confidence about her and delivers her lines calmly and perfectly. She also has a beautiful voice!!

The Cowardly Lion is stealing the show. Oh!! He is hilarious and adorable. It's interesting....I think the Lion annoys me in the movie but for some reason this guy is playing it so well and in such a humorous way we are all just howling. He has great timing and is patient so his lines come off very well.

This version of The Wizard of Oz is neat. It mixes mostly old with a little bit of new. They sing "Ease On Down The Road" as the finale.

And now.

Last but not least.


Sarah is having a blast and told me last night that she will miss the practices and performances.

The crowd clapped and giggled when they first saw The Munchkins and they were also very gracious with their applause. These little ones did a great job and the director shared that they were a pleasure to work with and they learned quickly!

Two funny things. During one scene Sarah was in the front right corner of the stage and with all the dancing and movement she ended up right behind one of the flowers and totally out of sight. I was hysterical with laughter. She continued singing and dancing like a pro and within in a few seconds she was out from behind the big colorful flower.

And during the finale she is in the front left on the very end and while they are singing "Ease On Down The Road" she has to be very careful not to dance herself right OFF the stage (and on to the gym floor). I saw her wobble last night but thankfully she caught her balance and continued. I'm thinkin she may have a future in this stuff. ;-)

One more performance tonight. Our family and friends will be there to cheer Sarah on. I will have seen it three times and honestly, each time I love it more.

My favorite line? Delivered with perfection.

Toto too?
Toto too.


Lynn in WI said...

Hi Janet!

Looks like you really are having a busy weekend. (Not that I didn't believe you.)

Enjoy the show! Break a leg, Sarah--but not on the gym floor, ok?

Why doesn't she travel with a laptop? If we've told her once, we've told her a thousand times.


Amy said...

Janet, they are so cute! I hope the final performance was a huge hit.

Fun, fun, fun!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh Janet, Sarah is an adorable, sweet, perfect munchkin!!!

Hooray for The Wizard of Oz!

Janice, a sis said...

It was a great performance!! Sarah spotted me from the crowd!! She looked very comfortable on stage with a very big smile.

The scene where the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion fight the guards for the uniforms was hysterical!! They did it in slow motion like the Matrix (yes, I realize this reference dates me, but I do believe it was one of the first movies to use the technique) however, I'm not sure the Grandparents "got it"

sis' cindy :) said...

How fun!! Way to go Sarah! Acting takes a lot of bravery and confidence! :)