Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes!

This is a before picture. The packing and digging out phase.

I *heart* this wall. It is the precious thing that separates the new office from my bedroom.

Here she is from the other side. Beautiful, eh? Dry wall already!!

Here is what you see coming down the hall. The new pocket door is installed and out of site (open). I imagine we'll leave the doors open most of the time. You used to see a flat, white wall when you'd walk down that hall and now it is bright and cheery and open!

This is the girl's bathroom. It will feel much smaller but it will be much more functional. The door will allow girls to shower and use the potty while other girls apply make-up and brush their teeth. And they will get a second sink. Yipee

This is the vanity spot. Did I mention the girls will have two sinks. TWO. DOS.

I better run. I still need to go to Lowe's and the plumber comes tomorrow at 6AM, it will be another early morning.

It Has Begun!

The contractors arrived at 6AM and are drilling, hammering, hauling and smashing! It is going to be a full day. Right now there is plastic hanging between our room and the new office and they created an opening in the hallway where the new door will be. Already I can see that we are going to love having that open to the hall. It's bright and the hall will flow nicely in to the new room.

There are three men working today. We know all of them from our old church. We are so blessed to have them in our home! One is 21 and I've know him and his family since he was 6! I have tried not to embarrass him terribly but he sure has grown up to be a nice young man.

I have snapped a few pictures and I will post them later.

This is fun and exciting. We've never done anything like this before.

I could not resist posting this picture. I think Janice will apprecitate the humor.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let The Remodelling Begin

We are getting ready to remodel two rooms in our house! I'll clarify. 'We' hired a general contractor who will be remodelling our rooms. I used 'we' loosely. 'We' don't have the skilz or patience for a diy job right now.

We have a sitting area off our master bedroom that we use as an office and a library and computer room. We are going to put up a wall between our room and the office and open it up to the common hallway. I am so excited for this wall. It has been rather annoying having to look at a disorganized mess of an office. Our master bedroom is a very large room so I won't mind at all that we are losing the space. Eventually we plan on creating a nice sitting area in our master. I can already imagine the peace and quiet of my new bedroom area.

One wall of the new room will look similar to this only there will not be a door. We will have an entire wall of built-in bookshelves!! I imagine we will have a children's section and a few baskets and knick knacks along with our books.

I saw these baskets at Pottery Barn yesterday. The small square one will fit perfectly on our new shelves and help with storage.

We also ordered two of these babies from Lane!!!! Or something very similar anyway. We chose black. We thought it would be a nice contrast to the white built-ins. I can hear myself snoring already. :) See how the chair is situated in the first picture above? That's what we're going to do in our room.

My husband would be upset with me if I failed to mention the canned and tract lighting, the HD Vizio television and surround sound audio system. There. I mentioned it. No pictures.

The other room that we are remodelling is the girl's bathroom. Maybe I'll write about that tomorrow.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Day In Glendale

A Coach store has made its way to the "West side" and that makes me smile.

This fragrance is lovely, a little pricey but very nice. You know how much I love nice perfumes. Now if they'd carry this one at Sam's I'd be good to go. Remember, I got my favorite Ralph Lauren perfume at Sam's Club?! And it was huge. Go figure.

Here is a handy purse size.

And how cute are these? I adore them but doubt that I will be sporting Coach ballet flats any time soon. Still, I can appreciate their cuteness (made up word) and dream.

Friday, July 20, 2007

New Music

monk & neagle banner 2

Now back with their sophomore album release, The Twenty-First Time—its first on Reunion Records—Monk & Neagle deliver a storyteller’s delight, full of deep spiritual conviction, high-octane fun, passionate imagination, and sincere, heartfelt worship. A road-worthy soundtrack for life from start to finish, The Twenty-First Time beckons you to listen and follow.


You won't be disappointed.

BooMama directed me to these two cool guys. I love their sound.

My favorite is "Beautiful" and I also love "The Twenty-First Time".

Visit them here and listen to a few of their songs on the new CD.

I won a free CD yesterday! How cool is that?

Oh, and go buy one for yourself on 9/18/07.

monk & neagle banner 3

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mountians Without Water

Last Saturday, Janice, my girls, cousin Abby and I went to a small national park just East of Flagstaff. It was only about 3-4 miles off the freeway and there you are nestled in a huge canyon filled with culture and history. The most interesting part of this were the ancient cliff dwellings. The girls were so happy to see them and get to step in to each and every one. Boys I'm sure would have been playing bows and arrows but the girls had fun imagining what the natives wore, what each room was used for, how they started fires, what they ate and how they slept on the hard rocks!

Read about Walnut Canyon National Park. It is a beautiful place.

The dwellings on the opposite side of the canyon.

The Sinagua people were short! The average height of a woman was 5'0. This gives you a perspective. Hannah is about 5'7.

Here is a good example of the beautiful work of the Sinagua people. Imagine the time and energy it took to build theses walls.

Cute girls.

Here we are, Twin A and Twin B standing in a different area of the canyon. Look behind us and notice the fur and pine trees. Isn't that amazing? Compare it to the first picture where all you see it harsh rock structures and more desert-like landscape. This area clearly gets more shade and the pines can grow.

The climb out of the canyon was KILLER. I kept thinking how horrible it would be to have a heart attack and die on a day like this.....Janice and I were huffing and puffing. The girls? They ran ahead of us and beat us by a good 10 minutes. Lauren was wearing flip flops. What a trooper and what a bad mommy.

Yes, I'm wearing my glasses. I ripped a contact that morning. Bummer.

Amy, remember how you've been wanting to visit the Grand Canyon? We'll this would be a fun little side trip. C'mon, girl. What? You just gave birth?

One last picture. I know, not very PC. But then again, I am not PC.

There you have a post. Phew, the peer pressure was getting to me.

Love, Janet. Happy to be Conagua.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Best One Yet!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Mexican Chip Dip
12 oz. cream cheese
1/2 C. sour cream
1/2 C. salsa
2 tsp. chili powder
1 1/2 tsp. cumin
2 C. shredded Mexican cheese
1 jar of green olives (slice)
1 can of black olives (slice)
1 bunch of green onions (chop)
2-3 Roma tomatoes (chop)

Mix together cream cheese, sour cream, chili powder and cumin. Add salsa after mixture is soft. Spread in to a serving platter, add other ingredients on top. Refrigerate. Serve with chips. Enjoy!

How many variations of this dip have you tried?

This one is by far the most delish.

It's the olives, of course!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bad Boy!

I had an interesting night last night but I need to back up and tell you what we did for the 4th of July in order for you to GET my story.

We always have a 4th of July party and this year would be no different except it was going to be earlier in the day so we could all leave and go watch fireworks. It was expected to be about 114 degrees outside and I didn't think one pool would suffice so I went shopping and bought the kids a Wham-O Slip and Slide (which was a huge hit) and a silly little blow up pool with a silly little blow up slide for the silly little girls that were going to be at the party. Everyone had a ball!

The next day I moved the slip and slide off the grass but I left the blow up pool. Nancy's dog Mack (pictured above, we've had him for 4 years) has been spotted drinking out of the pool and also standing in it. We were watching him yesterday hoping he would plop down and take a little (shallow) swim. You see, Mack is 14 and is beginning to do some very odd things. Lately, he has been barking from the kitchen at 5 am. Laying comfortably on the floor BARKING, at 5 AM. So we were curious to see what he would do in that pool.

Now back to last night. He came to our room at 3 AM and because I was awake I got up to let him out and wait for him to come back to our doors. I sat down in our rocker and waited for him to come to the door. He was taking FOREVER and I even dosed off waiting. Finally, he appeared at the door and pushed it open with his nose and greeted me. Of course it is pitch black in our room but I noticed something funny about him. He appeared to be wet and within one second, standing right in front of me, at my level he shakes a big full shake. I'm now soaked in grassy water from the silly blow up pool AT 3 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Evidently Mackie took an early morning swim. OK, I'm awake now and a little grossed out but I am laughing very hard because well, it's funny and he's precious, he's 14 and he's the best dog in the whole wide world and we have enjoyed him so much since we've had him!!

I can't imagine life without Mack.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Mama's Happy

It was time.

It was waaaaay past time for James to get a haircut. Dad and Mom said so.

He's a good kid and went willingly and this is what he told the barber to do....

I had to do everything in my power to keep from jumping up and down, screaming happy screams and kissing the barber and James. Watching that hair fall to the ground was absolutely glorious. I am doing a happy dance right now.

Here's one more picture just for fun.

He looks older in this shot doesn't he?

Yea for short hair!!!!