Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Favorite Little Book

From Bitesize Theology, Chapter 3:

How can we know anything about God? We must go to the place where God has chosen to reveal himself to us. We must go to the Bible. In the Bible we discover the attributes of God. An attribute is anything God has chosen to tell us about himself. We need to know these things for two reasons. Firstly, if God has been so gracious to show us something about himself, then we need to receive all he gives; and secondly, because the study of God is the highest and greatest subject that can occupy the mind of a Christian.


Whoa! Is God the highest and greatest subject that occupies your mind?

Mark 12:30 - And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength'. This is the first commandment

Are you going to the Bible to discover the Truth?

2 Timothy 3:16 - All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,


Chapter 3 goes on to discuss the attributes of God:

God is holy
God is sovereign
The God of providence
God is good
God is love


This is good stuff my friends! I remember well devouring the Scriptures when God changed my heart. I was alone in my bedroom in Tucson. I started in Genesis. he he. Those words were (and are) so precious to me. I also remember the time during discipleship/Bible study that I first learned of God's attributes. That was a wonderful time of understanding and peace.

I came across this book a few years ago and it has been a favorite ever since. It will be required reading for my teenagers this summer!

I love this book so much and I want you to have one.


Leave me a comment and I'll send you "Bitesize Theology". For free! :)


Writing and Living said...

Seriously? It looks like a wonderful book, but I'm so awash in new books right now, I feel a little guilty.

Amy said...

I would love to have one, Janet. It looks wonderful! Thank you!

janice, a sis said...

woo hoo! a giveaway at Just Janet!!

Donna Boucher said...

This is just a wonderful post!!! So well written and so TRUE!

I bought three copies on your recommendation!

The 2 Tim verse is THE BEST!

Janet said...

Staci, I'd still love to send you one! Let me know, K?

Writing and Living said...

Twist my arm... I would love one.

Writing and Living said...

Oh, and thank you.


Janet said...

Ladies, email me at with your address and I'll send you the book.

I promise, no stalking. tee hee.

Huskerbabe said...

I've been looking for something like this for my jr higher's. Thanks

sis' cindy said...

SOLD!! I LOVE free things,I love to read and I LOVE MAIL!!

Oh, and this is a wonderful post too!! ;)


'sis cindy :) said...

Oh, Sisters...I FINALLY WATCHED Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly. I had to watch it several times adn rewind to understand the hasn't grown on me just yet...EVERYONE you talk to just about swoons when you say you read or was that movie!!

...I bought the book too!

sis' cindy trying to fit in on the whole Jane Austen groupie thing!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You know I'm not just commenting to get a book, right?
This is such a cool post because my youngest and I studied this topic today. We're going through the Westminster Shorter Catechism and had a great discussion on how God reveals Himself in Scripture 'contained in the Old and New Testaments'.
Isn't it a blessing to see the Living Word bearing fruit in our children's lives?

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Janet said...

Anita, don't forget to send me your address!

Hi Cindy! I'm glad I can provide you with some mail!! :)

Thanks to all who participated so far today.

Did anyone notice I changed a few things on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Good thing I checked back.
But I feel so stupid-
1) I can't tell what you changed- your site still looks cozy and feminine
2) How should I send you my address?
Is there an email link I am probably messing?
(I blame my dimness on getting dizzy over at Donna's site.)

janice said...

I noticed all the link thingys are now green!

Janet said...

Huskerbabe said...

I just got the book today. Thank you so much! I have been looking for something like this to use with a group of young moms who are asking lots of questions. This may be just the ticket!
Thank you again.