Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Music: Matt Maher

BooMama has the best connections when it comes to new Christian music and I always love the people she recommends.


Several months ago I won the Monk and Neagle CD and yesterday I won the new Matt Maher CD called Empty and Beautiful. Oh my! His music is incredible and worshipful and the man is talented.

Please follow this link and listen to "Empty and Beautiful" and grab a Kleenex cuz you will cry, maybe sob. I did. I also love "Great Things"! Once you are on his page go to the lower right hand corner and launch the player.

You will recognize "Your Grace Is Enough". Matt Maher wrote it and Chris Tomlin made it a popular praise song.

What I love about this new Matt Maher CD is that it is something our entire family can listen to and we all enjoy it equally and sing along together. There is nothing more precious to me than hearing several of my children singing praises in my car!

It is being offered right now for only $8.97 here.

Of course you can always get it off iTunes.

Run. Now. And buy the new Matt Maher CD. You won't be disappointed.


janice, a sis said...

did you win them both from Boomama? that rocks

I thought there would be an idol clip up today, did you watch?

Janet said...

I won both of them from a marketing company that Boo is tight with. She has the hook-ups, I tell ya.

Amy said...


I am doing the Weekend WArrior again this week. I hope you will join in!

Amy, waiting anxiously for my Matt Maher CD to arrive