Friday, April 25, 2008

Bloggy Break

I need a break.

Things are busy here.

Maybe when I come back I'll take this in to consideration. HT: Amy.

Ta Ta For Now



sassy sis said...

oh, all right, but now what will I obsessively check on 10 times a day?

Amy said...

Enjoy your time off and hurry back!

Donna Boucher said...

Aw. I will miss you a lot!!!

I hope you are all well.

janice said...

how will we know when you'll be back?

Janet said...

when you see a post you'll know I'm back. :-P

Alicia said...

I saw your comment on the blog post about whole wheat flour back in November (just found it today through an internet search on whole wheat flour). Do you share your recipe for pancakes?

Anonymous said...

Anita says:
May is busy and I hardly ever get a chance to read my favorite blogs. Which consist of you and your sister.
So I'll keep checking back.
I love the blogging tips from your link but realize now I could NEVER blog. I'll just ride along on your and Donna's coattails.
Have a lovely,busy, blessed time!

Janet said...

alicia, I will post the recipe soon. Maybe tomorrow in the comments. K?

Ruthanne said...

Okay, you can come back now.