Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old Navy Jeans

I gave up on them years ago!

You know, after I gave birth to five giant babies. :)

However....I did not want to spend $165 on jeans from Macy's or $65 at Coldwater Creek so I decided to try Old Navy again.

This is the first pair I tried on.

Three words;

Muffin Top



I marched out to the girls (who organize and straighten jeans) and said "I need some jeans that will fit a real person, a Mom."

And she pointed me to these:

Women's Classic Rise Boot-Cut - "The Sweetheart" Clean-Front Jeans

Size 8

Yea, whatever. ;-)

Seriously though, they fit quite well and Hannah said they are more hip than my Coldwater jeans. She also added that my Coldwater jeans were, you know, too short, and that the style now is just a little longish. My kids approve and that says a lot because now that they are teenagers they have volumes to say about what I wear.

More importantly, they were only $34.00


Dana said...

Size 8?!?!!!

Way to go, Janet!

I've only bought blouses, T-shirts, and sweaters from Old Navy (for myself)

I am thinking of buying a pair of black jeans.

Ask your girls... are those *in* or *out*

Janet said...

Dana! I was being sarcastic and sassy. That's why I wrote "yea, whatever". :) I am NOT a size 8. Except in my dreams.

The Arthur Clan said...

With the way you are losing weight, I wouldn't be surprised if you were buying a size 8 sometime soon. I love how you asked the salesgirl for some "real jeans." Too funny!

Dana said...

Well, like the the previous commenter, I know you're working hard to lose weight, so I'll bet those jeans are SMALLER than the ones you've been wearing.

Decided to wait on the black jeans until after the new year. Opted for some RL paisley velveteen.

Now that's *old* lady fashion :)

but I did get three compliments on the pants on my way to checkout

Donna Boucher said...

You have great style. Always.

You are bad. I thought you were really in a size eight too!!!

But whatever. You were able to buy a pair of jeans at Old Navy and THAT is spectacular!!!

How did the photo shoot go the other day?

anita said...

Thank you for the shopping and fashion tip.
My next jean stop will be Old Navy for Mom Jeans.
You and your girls should start a whole line of real mom clothes for real moms of real teens who don't want to be humiliated by us :)

Janet said...

Dana, I think I saw those pants at Macy's last week and if so, I love them!

Donna, the photo shoot went very well and I can't wait to see the pictures. :) We wore a mixture of brown and pink and all wore jeans. Lauren's sweater was a darling stripe and had, brown, pink, and off white in it.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Very nice Janet! I buy plain old regular Lee jeans on sale at Penny's for about $20 a pair.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Very nice Janet! I buy plain old regular Lee jeans on sale at Penny's for about $20 a pair.

stephseef said...

please tell me you've all seen the SNL 'mom jeans' skit..yes?

by the way, if i could buy a new wardrobe it would exclusively from 2 stores - Old Navy for most days of my life, and Coldwater Creek for when I have to raise the bar a little. I had never heard of them until this summer. Oh. My. Word.. would that I were thin. and rich.


Janice, a twin said...

I wear the sweethearts, too! But i don't think I've ever heard your girls call me "hip"...

Janet said...

It's just understood that you are more hip than me.

A text and a comment in one day within a few minutes of each other. I'd say this day is getting better. XXOO

Anonymous said...

Janice the Twin - you are definitely way cool to my kids. For heaven's sake, you accompanied them to a midnight movie! Even though their dad went, he doesn't count cuz he slept through the entire movie - he was forever wiped out of the cool category after that stunt. And ladies, Janet definitely looks cool in her new jeans. I think I want a pair :)