Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dress-Up Fun

Much to my sister's dismay my kids have never been trick-or-treating. :) We have always participated in a Fall Festival at one of two local churches. Last night we went to the church where some of Dave's family members attend. They have a very nice, safe festival and our kids have a blast! I haven't always allowed them to dress up but this year I was feeling feisty. teehee.


Sarah recently re-watched Holes and was inspired:

Things went downhill quickly:

Snow White, busted!


We have a ridiculous amount of candy in this house right now.

The Baby Ruth's are just calling my name.

Keep callin' Baby Ruth. I dare ya.


Robin in New Jersey said...

We don't trick-or-treat either Janet.

Donna Boucher said...

Shoot em dead, Janet.

Those Babe Ruth's, I mean.

It's fun to dress up :o)
Your girls are adorable.
How clever is the Holes idea!!
Sarah looks gorgeous in that picture.
Lauren is a beautiful Snow White.

Anita said...

Snow White busted! That's a classic!
My boys did go trick-or-treating (unless our church planned an alternative).
When Kaleb was 5 he went as a cowboy and I have a picture of him with his 2 older brothers tied up, and holding them at gunpoint!
Let's never run for Vice-President, Janet. Can you imagine what the media would think of us for letting our children point weapons at each other?
Off with our heads!
Whenever Baby Ruth starts whispering your name, picture him floating in the pool and imitating doogie poo.

Janet said...

Anita! Is that a Caddyshack reference?

I told Sarah not to remove the gun from the holster at church. LOL.

You see how I tied her shirt. I thought it looked soooo cute and a little more feminine. She told me she didn't want it like that...."I look like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader". I almost spit the vitamin(for anita) out of my mouth I was laughing so hard.

anita said...

Yes! A Caddyshack reference!
I figured you'd be too young to know about that oldie :)
The shirt does look cute. Tell her not to worry about looking like a DC cheerleader. She looks way too intelligent!

The Arthur Clan said...

Your girls look adorable ~ the Holes idea was fantastic!

Angie in OH

Donna Boucher said...

I like the tied up shirt too.
I noticed how teeny tiny she still is :o)

About that gun...
wouldn't have been allowed at Blessed Sacrament.

But you guys are out there in the Wild Wild West!!!