Friday, November 07, 2008

No Bake Cookies

Can you believe this is the first time I've ever made these delicious cookies?

Donna has written about them and probably posted a recipe but I was too lazy to look for it in her archives.

I found my recipe on Food Network. (I love that place).

No Bake Cookies
Food Network

1/2 C. butter
4 T. cocoa
2 C. sugar
1/2 C. milk
1 T. vanilla
1 C. peanut butter
3 C. oats

Melt butter, add sugar, cocoa and milk. Stir and bring to boil. Boil for one minute, stirring often. Add peanut butter and vanilla and mix well until blended. Add oats, stir. Drop on to wax paper using a cookie scoop or icecream scoop and let sit until firm.

Enjoy. Unless you're on a strict diet. And in that case just admire from afar. :)


stephseef said...

holy smokes, but those sound amazing.

Janet, do you have a favorite apple recipe? Someone dropped off 1/2 bushel for us, and I don't want a single one to go to waste! Tonight it's apple crisp and apple cider... and we're doing fish - at home - and making potato pancakes with apple in them. Got anything else interesting?


Dot O said...


How about apple pancakes. I made them years ago when I had a few apples that needed to be used up. Really delish!!!

I will try those cookies after I get through this jar of low-fat Skippy we have. I want to use the good 'ole fattening stuff for them!

stephseef said...

ooo, dot, great idea!

Donna Boucher said...

Hi Janet,
I have never made or tasted these cookies. Can you believe that?

I am so proud of you that you can have these in the house and not eat them!!!

How did this week go?

Janet said...

Donna! I thought it was you. I'm glad I didn't search your archives. teehee. It seems to me that you make a very easy cookie....hmmmmm.

Another 2.8 lbs gone. 37 total. Yipee. :)

The Arthur Clan said...

We used to make these all the time when I was a kid, but I have never even thought to make them with my kids. Wow ~ did that picture bring back some memories!

We might just have to try them out this weekend.

P.S. Your weight loss is amazing Janet ~ way to hang in there!

stephseef said...

you're my hero. keep up the extraordinary work. i'm SO impressed!
hugs from racine

stephseef said...

Hey Janet - made apple crisp last night with the recipe you posted a week or so ago... it was good! different than any I've had before - the family loved it. Scott had cooked up this amazing spicy cod and homemade potato pancakes [fish fry for the poor] ... and the crisp was dessert. thanks for posting the recipe!

in other news, I have medifast questions. do you prefer to answer them via email? :)

Janet said...

Steph, you can email me.