Friday, November 14, 2008

New Music

A big shout out and thank you to BooMama for always recommending the best music.

This time she out did herself because today it involves old, soul, R & B music sung by the very talented Seal.

You can go to his site or iTunes and listen to a sampling of each song.

So far, my favorite is "I'm Still In Love With You" which was originally done by none other than Al Green. I have my sisters to thank for even knowing who Al Green is and for knowing every word to this song.

Here is Seal singing "Change Is Gonna Come":

I can't resist. Here is Al Green singing "I'm Still In Love":

For the record, Seal and I don't see eye to eye on politics but I do appreciate his music abilities.

Also for the record, the Rev. Al Green is a Jesus loving, preaching the Word kinda man now....and I agree with that. :) Can I get an amen?

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Donna Boucher said...


Love, love, love Al Green!