Monday, November 03, 2008

Hello Beautiful

I used to just swear by my New Balance.

Until I tried these Asics on the other day.

They have so much more arch support and are incredibly comfortable.

My shoes are light pink and silver and they are very cute. I couldn't find the exact picture but these are the shoes I bought and love. Asics Gel 1130.

PS. I don't run. I walk.


Dominion Family said...

To get the shoes I needed at a good price I had to get brown and blue. At first I thought they were ugly but now I love them. I went with Nike because my New Balance shoes hurt my feet. I think I am the only woman on earth who can't wear NB. I am still mostly walking and probably will be forever. When I said my goal was to run 1 mile I wasn't joking. It may take me years to get to that point!

Staci at Writing and Living said...

Glad you like your Asics. A lot of people say their the best, but they run too narrow for me. I have found my ideal shoe in Saucony.

Janet said...

I like brown and blue together. I'll bet they are very cute. My NB also hurt my feet, especially with my plantar faciatis. Keep up the great work, Cindy!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I have a terrible time finding shoes to fit me right, especially walking shoes. I shall have to try these next time I go to get a new pair. I had plantar faciatis last year. It was painful. You have it all the time?

Janet said...

robin, the pf is almost gone. Feeling so much better.

melinda sue said...

i love my asics... i don't know my exact style. but they are really similar to those, they may be the same. mine are green and silver (they were on sale, the other colors were not, and i am really cheap) anyway...i swear by my asics. i try to tell everyone they should buy asics. i have turned my aunt into a believer, i am still working on the rest of the general population.

The Arthur Clan said...

I have red and white Adidas running shoes that I love. The only thing I don't like about them is that they make my big feet look even bigger. Picture clown feet and you'd know what I mean!

Good for you with your walking ~ it's obviously working out great for you. :)

Angie in OH

mom said...

Sweet shoes, Janet, and the colors are right up my alley! I'm a walker, too, and really need a new pair of shoes, but can't justify the cost as we're coming into winter :::sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

Donna Boucher said...

Dear Janet.

Record comments.

You must talk about shoes more often.


Janet said...

Good point Donna! I could talk about 'Born' shoes tomorrow.

Angie, I have GIANT feet. The Asics made me feel good about myself because I only had to buy a 9 not a 9 1/2. LOL What size are your feet?

Dot O said...

Love the color combination. I wear New Balance all plain white walking shoes and have for years. I bought the ones that had the pink breast cancer ribbon on the tongue. I figured I'd be walking for a good cause. I've seen Asics but haven't heard much about them. Walking shoes generally only last about six months so I'll be due for new ones soon. I'll have to check them out.

Lynn in WI said...

I'm a recent Asics convert.