Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Mad Skilz

One of our secretaries takes Wednesday's off so my husband got the big idea to bring me in to help out a little bit.

My job was to answer the phone.

I haven't worked down there since our secretary was on maternity leave 2 years ago and since then The Boss changed the phone system and is using a new walkie talkies. 10-4 big buddy.

I walked in the door, put my purse down and the phone rang. The Boss looked at me and said "Well, what are you waiting for? Answer it." I almost threw up a little bit but I obeyed the mean ole Boss and answered the phone.

I am, like, sooooo good at answering the phone.

"Good Morning, Interstate Batteries" :)

I've got skilz my friends. Skilz.

The rest of the day went something like this:

"Ma'am? Can you please help me find a battery for a 2004 Kia Rondo"

Me: "No, not really"


"Hello, what is your address"

Me: "Um. Just a sec."


"Yea, what time do you close?"

Me: "Hey, Dave. What time do we close?"


"Yea, lady, I need an xyzpdq 123 battery. Do you have those in stock?"

Me: "Warehouse line 1. And quick."


"Can you give me directions?"

Me: "Ha! Whatever you do don't go down Grand Ave. I always get lost and turn the wrong way down Grand. And what is it with those 3-way intersections? They scare me."


Besides the phone calls, I had to work the walkie talkie and poor J had to show me 12 times how to page someone.

I also made The Boss get me a refreshing drink from the refrigerator. He's not used to the hired help getting bossy.

One other thing I did in my spare time was roll enormous wall calendars and wrap them with a rubber band. I told you I have skilz. :-P Our guys will keep them in the trucks and hand them out to our accounts for the new year.

Speaking of calendars. I have a feeling you'll like this beautiful calendar over our Interstate Battery calendars. Go have a look. You'll be pleasantly surprised. They make lovely gifts, you know, so buy a few.

Over and out.


Dana said...

Be careful, honey!

Twelve and one half years ago, DH needed help with payroll when his office manager was out on maternity leave....

and now I cant figure out how to get out of being soooo skillful :/

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you Janet. I appreciate the plug.

I have sold one calendar.

You are a wonderful sister :o)

sis' cindy :) said...

WOW! Being a sect'y is very daunting!! Way to go!! :)

melinda sue said...

hahahaah... love this post janet.

Seven's Heaven said...

I died laughing when I read your post today!!! I think it is so funny. And then I saw the tiny woman wrestling the turkey and my stomach hurts from laughing! You made my day. (of course, I am home alone, things are way funnier, JK)
Susan T

anita said...

You know you REALLY have skilz as a receptionist
when you can buff your
nails while giving folks confusing directions to your shop and referring them to someone-anyone- other than yourself to answer questions.
I'm picturing you glaring at the walkie talkie and wrestling with the enormous calendars.
Thanks for brightening up a dreary Saturday. My menfolk are out stalking wild game (Bambi and his mother)while I do laundry, iron, make applesauce, and spend way too much time toodling over to the internet!

Janet said...