Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Fieldtrip

We spent the morning at Tolmachoff Farms in the middle of Glendale (AZ). It's family owned and has been in the family for four generations. (We know some of the cousins). It is a special spot surrounded by housing and other development. I'm glad they haven't sold off the land to developers! The new Arizona Cardinals stadium is only a few miles away from the farm and the area is being built up like crazy. It was a beautiful morning and the kids had a great time.

Here we have the kindergartners:

Lauren pulling carrots from the ground:

A corn maze:

Me trying to be an artistic and creative photographer. HA! It's chives:

Here is what happens to corn in Arizona during the very hot summer months. It pops. It's not a joke, I asked:

Oreo the kitty followed us all over the farm. What's wrong with her nose? Isn't she cute:

My favorite picture!! MOOOOOOOO.


Donna Boucher said...

Such fun!!! Love their little matching shirts!

Do you talk to the animals?

I do.

I can't help it.

Janet said...

I AM A FREAK. Yes, I talk to the animals. I caught myself talking to them and was sure the other parents would think I was nuts. LOL. I'm glad you asked.

Dot O said...

Is there something wrong with talking to the animals. Nobody knows for sure that they DON'T understand us, right?

Love the photos and I do think they are artistic, Janet.

I sort of miss field trip days when the kids were little but, then again, I don't do bus rides so well....

anita said...

Hey Janet, are you sure Ree didn't take some of those pics?
Very cool!
Oreo is the greatest kitty name.
Look at everyone in t-shirts!
I am huddled in front of the fireplace
or the space heater if I need to leave the living room.
We skipped autumn and went directly to winter up here!

The Arthur Clan said...

The popping corn is so funny! Who would of thought?

Your photos did turn out really nice...looks like you had a great time. :)

sis' cindy :) said...

Yeah! for Kindergarten field trips!!

Of course you talk to the animals...I think it is a family trait!!

Lynne said...


My kids loved the bit about the popping corn and want to try to plant some next summer to see if it works! (We're in Mesa.)

Janet said...

Hi Lynne! Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment. :)

Janet said...

Lynne, I didn't know you lived in AZ! I love your comments at Cindy's blog and even visited your blog last night.

Dana said...

I wanna do a corn maze (whine)

There are several around here...I just need a buddy, in case I get lost.