Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Godly Wisdom

I've tried several times to post some thing today but each post was depressing and snarky so I deleted all of the posts.

I just received an email from a dear man at our church and it had this excellent article by Dr. Mohler attached.

Now, this is worth posting and reading.

America Has Chosen a President
By Albert Mohler

Still, we must press on as advocates for the unborn, for the elderly, for the infirm, and for the vulnerable. We must redouble our efforts to defend marriage and the integrity of the family. We must be vigilant to protect religious liberty and the freedom of the pulpit. We face awesome battles ahead.

America has chosen a President. President-Elect Barack Obama is that choice, and he faces a breathtaking array of challenges and choices in days ahead. This is the time for Christians to begin praying in earnest for our new President. There is no time to lose.

Here is the entire article.


stephseef said...

J - as you saw yesterday, i'm struggling with the snarkies, too... so I guess it's better for me, for now, just to say nothing at all if I can't say something nice.

It HAS been good to be reminded of God's sovereignty in the midst of all of this, though. He is faithful. And He's not nearly as miffed as we are. ;)

Hugs from rainy, freezing, almost-wintered Racine..

Janet said...

You are right Steph! God is not miffed or suprised or off His throne. Yeah! We have an awesome, sovereign Lord. :)

Janet said...

PS. I know you and I would agree that God hates the murder of the unborn so yes I guess He is miffed about that....

stephseef said...

um, yeah, there IS that.

i'm adopted..

i have 2 adopted boys...

the life issue is HUGE for me.

there it is.