Monday, November 17, 2008

Literally LOL

How about you?

Does this kind of humor make you laugh?

I think it is hilarious. Especially since my least favorite part of Thanksgiving is dealing with and roasting the turkey.


The Arthur Clan said...

Well, two of my boys are standing behind me watching this with me and they are literally rolling on the floor in laughter. And so am I!

That was definitely LOL. Ha!

sis' cindy :) said...

This is the BEST!!! We were talking about this commercial at lunch today!!! We couldn't remember what they were advertising but we laughed til tears!!!!!

That is the most humungous turkey I have ever seen!!!!

Laura said...

We think it's funny, too. Reminds us of the Mr. Bean short where he deals with a raw turkey and it ends up on his head - gross!

I don't deal with ours. For the past 15 years we've taken our frozen turkey, put it directly in the roasting pan, covered it with a lid or foil, and baked it on a low heat - like 210 degrees - all night long. We start it before we go to bed, and by mid-morning we have a tender, fully-cooked, falling off the bone turkey. Takes all the hassle out of holiday cooking.

Donna Boucher said...

Yup. That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the first time I saw this (last year) I laughed and laughed and watched it ten times in a row! Very funny!

Lynne said...

We're laughing here, Janet!

And that commercial is why my 6' 2" husband cooks the turkey each year, while the kids and I take care of everything else.

anita said...

This kind of humor makes me laugh.
It makes my middle son laugh.
Wait a minute- let me see if it makes anybody else laugh.
Yep- it made my husband laugh too.

Laura! That really works? About the frozen turkey I mean? Even a 13 pounder?
Since my mom died my little sister and I AGONIZE over the turkey and stuffing. It was always Mom's job.
I may give your way a try.
If it works I will be back at Just Janet's next week singing your praises.

Catalina said...


It remains me some Mr. Bean sketches

I would choose a small turkey instead

Donna Boucher said...

I love to search the comments over at ree's and then see if I can guess which Janet is you.

Today I guessed right and clicked on your name to come her :o)

Just a little sister game I play.

Sue commented there too :o)