Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Piano Playing

Hannah and Danielle (13 & 10) had their first piano ensemble rehearsal tonight. This year they are playing together. Piano ensemble is an annual event and this will be the 54th Phoenix Music Teachers Association Ensemble. It is held in an auditorium at a large high school near downtown Phoenix. Between 10 and 15 grand pianos are brought in by a large, local piano store and all placed carefully and strategically on the stage. Each piece played is a duet. Have you done the math? That is up to 30 pianists playing the same piece on one stage. It is a glorious sound. We will hear beginners all the way up to the teachers themselves, who always play the most amazing piece, one we always recognize. Those in charge are sure to pick a nice variety of music. This is not your average, run of the mill, boring, let's get this thing over with, recital. I am always sorry when it ends. The extra time and energy it requires is well worth it, for me and the girls. Hannah will be receiving a special participation award (4 consecutive years). She is looking forward to that!

Do you play the piano? Do you play it well? I sure wish I was pushed/required to continue lessons. I wish more than anything that I could play for my family and to the glory of God.


Ann V. said...

Most timely post, Janet--wanting to throw in the piano towel here...but your post inspires us onward.
Humble, sincere gratitude...
Ann V. who can't play "really"...and wants her daughter to "really" play...off to sit at the piano with a trying 7 yo ~weak smile~

Donna Boucher said...

Your program sounds really wonderful. I would love to see your girls play!

I did not get to play piano...some little twins came along and that was the end of my piano lessons (I think I had two lessons....and actually I remember the teacher being a little frustrated with me because I couldn't remember where the D was...she said "D is for donna"

Emma took lessons for about four years...she was very good...but opted for guitar lessons instead. She took guitar for two years...and now she does not take lessons.

How old will you require you children stick with piano?


Jessie said...

I play piano! But I think I agree with Emma, guitar lessons would be cool.

natalie said...

I can play a little on the piano... the soprano part on most hymns, or from my adult beginners book. Usually I play the violin, though. :-)
I know what you mean about really wanting to be good at it... for me, I really want to be good at the violin, but I know it will be years of practice first!

hannah said...

Playing the guitar would be awsome. I like piano I just don't like taking time to do it.

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