Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Dogspotting, how clever! I saw this in December at Kim's blog who saw it at Rebecca's blog. I'm a big fan of Phil Johnson's blogspotting and now of Rebecca's dogspotting. Here are my big, fat, lazy dogs, Dillon and Mack, whom I love very much. Dillon, btw, weighs 135 lbs. Mack is 13 and that is his favorite pastime.


Donna Boucher said...

Dillon is a horse!!!
I haven't been to your house when you have had dogs! Can you believe that???

Have you seen To Kill a Mockingbird yet? I got a lovely copy (dvd) for Christmas!


sister sue said...

I can't believe you got Mack. EVERYONE loves Mack. He is the world's favorite dog!!!!! sister sue

Janet said...

For anyone reading, Mack is sister Nancy's Golden Retriever, we stole him after dogsitting a few summers ago.

Donna Boucher said...

Dillon is my goal weight!
ha ha

Jess said...

I have ten bucks your gonna end up with Cosmo next! lolol

Janet said...

Very funny Jess! He is a little too rambunctious for me! He's been spending time down in Yuma, thankfully.

Hannah said...

I love Mack! Look how happy he is on his new bed. Golden Retrievers (in my opinion) are the best type of dog, because they are so nice and extremely cute!

What about the Guinea Pigs, Mom? lol Where is a picture of them?

Dani said...

It is called Dogspotting!!