Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fall in AZ, again?

Raking leaves in January! Imagine that. Raking is for October, right? We have 5 beautiful Shamel Ash trees in our front yard and our lawn is covered with leaves. The children and I have been raking and bagging for a few days. They think I'm crazy for raking when there are still leaves on the tree, in fact, they fall on our heads as we rake and bag. Is this stupid? They think so. I think we might as well do a little work now and then the load will be lighter in a few days. Anyway, I think it is fun. It is a beautiful 65 degrees outside, sunny and windy and more than anything it brings back very fond memories of raking in Northern Wisconsin when I was growing up. I usually raked with my twin sister, Janice, and of course I did MOST of the work ;-) There we raked colorful poplar, maple, oak and birch leaves.

We also did our share of jumping in piles, like my helpers did today. The air smells differently today than when I raked up North, it's not as crisp and certainly not as cold. A not so fond memory I have of raking are the nasty blisters I'd get. I dont' have blisters today. I'm tougher than I was, I've experienced more or maybe the leaves are lighter in Arizona??


hannah said...

I am not sure i call that fun. I'd rather be shooting hoops. Ants kept bitting me but i do agree i got sarah really good with a ton of leaves. Lo still has leaves in her hair. LOL Besides i thaught it looked pretty with the leaves on the grass. GTG

Donna Boucher said...

Does the sun shine down there in Arizona??? While our leaves are very colorful.....we haven't seen the sun in over two weeks.

Just tell me it is still up there in the sky! Is it shining by you :o)

Amy said...

Janet, I was just noticing that my oak out front still hasn't dropped its leaves, but the Bradford Pears are all budding! Crazy winter. Enjoy the raking!

Anonymous said...

Donna, yes, it does exist. And it is shining beautifully these days. Actually, we are very desperate for rain, can't remember the last time it rained.

Amy, my husband teased that as we were raking the leaves it would begin to bud.


Dominion Family said...

We need to rake today, too. Some of our trees had leaves until right before Christmas and color, too. Outside my computer I had a little red Japanese maple until just before January.

Jess said...

It is amazing how fast the leaves fall! One of our neighbors has a big tree. One day it had all the leaves on it, and my mom and I were admiring the pretty colors. After about two days, the leaves were all gone!