Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Cindy, this post is for you! Thank you for your comment. I love comments, all 2 of them :-)

Here is the handy dandy Nutrimill. See the beautiful wheat kernels on the top?! Turn it on and you have delicious, nutritious fresh ground whole wheat flour in no time! I buy a 50 pound bag of white hard wheat and grind the portion I need right before I make my bread. It is best to use it immediately. We do freeze the left over flour and use it for our pancakes. I don't like to waste the flour. Sometimes I give the left over flour to my girlfriend for her bread.

On the left is the Bosch Universal. Ask your hubby about Bosch and I'm sure he will tell you all about Bosch motors and Bosch tools. Well, this baby goes in the kitchen and I love it. See the nice big bowl? I can make 5 loaves in one batch. The dough hook is the 's' shaped thing in front of the machine. So the dough hook and the powerful motor make my bread making very simple. It takes me about twenty minutes to gather ingredients, mill the wheat and mix the ingredients. Eight minutes to knead the dough, the machine does this for me. Thirty minutes to rise and thirty minutes to bake.

Now, won't you please join me for a cup of coffee/tea and a slice of toasted 14 grain bread with butter? I miss you. Love J.


Donna Boucher said...

Those are some fine looking machines!

Ya know, in your pancake recipe, where you grind the wheat with the milk...

How does one do the milk part if they are using regular store bought flour?

Janet said...

Just measure out 1 cup of flour and add the milk and blend. Then add the other cup of flour and blend. You do not need to blend for 2 minutes. Please don't :-)

cindy boyer said...

WOW!!! My Name as a Headline!!!! I feel very special! AND WOWIe-WOW-WOW those kitchen machines are something else. I really need to get into the 21st century with my kitchen stuff! Jan, thanks the info.

miss you and love you too.!! XOXO

Virginia said...

Hi, thanks for the comment!

Circle of Quiet said...

Oooh, Janet, I'd love your recipe for the 14 grain bread. I am trying to figure out the grains that would add up to FOURTEEN. That's a bunch.

I have been back to baking bread again, too. Such inexpensive treats and everyone is soooo happy to smell it baking.

Love that red pan. It would be a perfect Valentine's present, don't you agree? Husband, are you listening?


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