Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm Back

to bread making, that is!

I truly enjoy baking fresh ground whole wheat bread for my family. I didn't bake very much bread over the holidays, I was busy with cookies. I have owned a Bosch for just over a year and I absolutely love it. I usually bake honey whole wheat, a 14 grain whole wheat and pancakes on a regular basis. I have also used my Bosch for cinnamon rolls, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls and lots of cookies over Christmas.

Isn't this a beauty? It is Emile Henry, NOT pronounced Emily Henery, like I tried. I sounded like a hick, but now I sound French. My husband wasn't very pleased with me bringing a French product into our home. But isn't it lovely? Oh, it's very expensive but I got that piece 40% off and I just saw Emile Henry at Tuesday Morning, it was 50% off!

I can make 5 large loaves. One of my favorite things is to share my bread with family and friends. This one went to my dear friend Elizabeth as a thank you for a very special dinner party.


natalie said...

Yum! What a beautiful loaf. :-)

hannah said...

It sure smells good!

Janet said...

btw, that is your normal 2 lb loaf, not a 15 pounder like it looks ;-)

Donna Boucher said...

Oh how delicious looking.

I want some honey wheat.

Yes, I do!

Somehow I have to make it to see you and the children...your new house...and to sample you fabulous bread!!!

Classical Home said...

Tell me, Janet, what is Tuesday Morning?
There is one near me, but I've never been in it. I can't think of what they might be selling with a name like that.


Janet said...

Hi Crissy, Tuesday Morning is a discount housewares store with high end names. I saw Ralph Lauren china, Emile Henry, Bodum, Krups, just to name a few. I would have loved to shop more last night but they were closing and they kicked me out!

Amy said...

Janet, can I have your pancake recipe? And do they freeze well? Thanks!

Jess said...

I love your bread!

hannah said...

Aunt Donna, you need to come to Arizona this summer. That would be great to see you guys.

Lynn in WI said...


I'd like a BLT, please.

Thank you.

Ah-Meal Ahn-Ree

I take it Dave doesn't like the Frenchies?