Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jackson, The Town

Hello! I'm home, just busy.

Our vacation to Jackson, Wyoming was wonderful! I was at home in Jackson and could have stayed for another two weeks.

The weather was a delightful 80 degrees and sunny.

The mountains were both rolling, green and drastic and rugged. More on that later.

The town of Jackson was darling. It reminded me of the town I grew up in, Minocqua, Wisconsin. I called Jackson "Minocqua on steroids".

I'll post pictures over the next few days but don't worry I won't drag it out like I did the D.C. pictures. LOL.

Downtown Jackson

"The Square"

A famous bar in town. Donna could do very cool things with this photo.

Elk antler arches. Dani and Lauren posing for the picture.

Top right is our room at The Rustic Inn. We had a great view and a little creek right behind where I'm standing.

Great local BBQ joint. Love the name.


Donna Boucher said...

Oh hooray!!!

I am so happy to hear from you and to see all of the neat places you went!

Junebug said...

Is this where you would go to see Yellowstone National Park? My husband wants to take us there next year for vacation. We were wondering when would be the best time of the year. We of course would have to go after college lets out in the spring and before it starts in August.

Janet said...

Junebug, yes, this is where you go/stay if you are going to visit Yellowstone. I'll share those pics soon. I cannot encourage you enough TO GO!!! It was the most wonderful, beautiful, awesome vacation EVER. I hope to go back very soon, maybe next summer even.

Junebug said...

Thanks, I'm going to start planning it this year. We have never taken the kids so far. Of course, they are all much older now. They travel so much better. Ha ha.

Janet said...

Junebug, feel free to email me @ janet.walworth@yahoo.com with questions and I'll give you a few tips.

mom said...

LOL! Having been to both places, I totally get your steroids comment!

Tammy ~@~

Amy said...

Wow! What a cool trip. Did you eat at the Snake River Grill? Is it even still there? We loved it - fifteen years ago.

We're at Smoky Mountain National Park right now. It's the year of the National Parks!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Visiting Yellowstone is one of my dreams! How far away was your inn from the park? My husband and I are planning a trip there next year, hopefully. Are the prices pretty reasonable?

Thanks, Janet...and love that antler arches shot! :)