Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Show The Flag
Edgar Guest

Show the flag and let it wave
As a symbol of the brave;
Let it float upon the breeze
As a sign for each who sees
That beneath it, where it rides,
Loyalty to-day abides.

Show the flag and signify
That it wasn't born to die;
Let its colors speak for you
That you still are standing true,
True in sight of God and man
To the work that flag began.


Having a picnic? Watching fireworks?

Have a great day!


Laura said...

Happy 4th! What a great poem by Edgar Guest - I love it!

Amy said...

Happy 4th, Janet!

We're having a birthday celebration, then a cookout, then heading to out to see the fireworks.

Have a great day!

Seven's Heaven said...

oops, I left a comment on your DC about tonight. Are you having a storm over there on the west side? We are up in Carefree. Did you get to see any fireworks?
Sorry, also thought that was you with the nails, was that your sister?

Janet said...

Hi Susan, we had a lot of blowing and lightning but the fireworks around us went off. Some folks left to get a closer view but our kids and a few friends watched from our roof. To the south they could see GCC and to the NW they could see Peoria's.

That is me with the nails. I get them every few years for a special occasion. We had a wedding in the family and a convention so that was my excuse to get the nails.

anita said...

You just earned about a hundred brownie points- my dad loved Edgar Guest so of course, as a Daddy's girl- I am partial to Edgar Guest.
Thanks for the sentiment- and for making me sentimental!
We had a lovely 4th- a pontoon boat ride, a walk on a country road, picnic at the in-laws and fireworks in my husband's little hometown. Of course my dog needs therapy now because she is terrified of fireworks.
I just tell her she is fortunate she wasn't born during the War of 1812. She would have been such a wreck from the bombs bursting in air, and needed Valium- which hadn't been invented yet.

anita said...

BTW- I always told my sons they had earned brownie points when they did something unexpectedly nice or thoughtful. One day my middle son wanted to know where on earth all these brownies were that he'd been earning for years.

Janet said...

aw Anita I'm glad I made you smile and I love brownies soooo....:)