Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ahhhhh, Yellowstone

I love this place.

It is beautiful beyond words.

Here we are in the Teton National Forest, at a lake, and behind us is the "back" of the Tetons. There was a deer across the street grazing on some grass.

Old Faithful. It went off twice while we were there (about 75 minutes apart) and the second time was bigger than the first. I guess it built up pressure. (?)

The hot springs
. That's boiling water my friends!

As the water is heated, its temperatures rise well above the boiling point to become superheated. This superheated water, however, remains in a liquid state due to the great pressure and weight pushing down on it from overlying rock and water. The result is something akin to a giant pressure cooker, with water temperatures in excess of 400°F.

We were totally obsessed with waterfalls. What would you expect from a bunch of desert dwellers? :) Their power was humbling.

A bison. Not zoomed in at all. We were on foot and he could have cared less.

Click to enlarge and smack dab in the middle of that meadow, just beyond the yellow wildflowers, you will see the top of a grizzly bear's furry back and to the right another one. Possibly Mama and cub. Dave spotted these guys and I forgave him for everything he's ever done to hurt me. He was my hero. teehee. We watched them eat and walk casually through the meadow. Unfortunately (?) they walked in the opposite direction of our car. We were standing on the bumpers, hanging out the windows and I do believe a child was standing on the roof of the suburban.

Here we have a darling little black bear playing near a creek. This was just off the main road that goes through Yellowstone and cars were all over the place and people were jumping out just to get a look and a few pictures of this little guy.

I sincerely hope you have had or will have the opportunity to visit this national park. It is a great family vacation. I can't wait to go back!


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Donna Boucher said...

In Switzerland, my favorite thing was the waterfalls!!
The energy is amazing.

It is so cool that you loved it so much!!!

Junebug said...

I can't wait to go. Beautiful photos. What was the temperature this time of year?

Laura said...

Looks like a great vacation - I'd love to visit there someday!

mom said...

Oh, your pictures bring back memories of our family trip there! It was one of my favorite vacations with the kids and how could it not be as the scenery does make you breathless at times :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Tammy ~@~

sister sue said...

I always wonder what things people say when the blog administrator removes them :). I am so envious of your family's summer trips! What great fun. I will share your photos with my boys...If we weren't having a wedding next summer, I think we'd go to yellowstone...Keith has always wanted to go...You guys would love Rocky Mountain National Park too...we have gone there. s

Jennifer Bowen said...

Whoa, that's a big crowd! Is summer really the best time to go there? What would you suggest?

I love your family photo with the mountains in the background. Just beautiful!