Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Lady Crusaders

Freshman Volleyball!!

I got myself in to big trouble for posting about football and not mentioning that
Hannah is playing on the freshman volleyball team at school. She is having a great time and improving daily it seems.

The team is 2-0 and there is another game on Friday.

The girls had practice and try-outs in mid August before school started so Hannah had made some friends before the first day of school. That was a very good thing for my sometimes timid Hannah. She is loving volleyball and plays at the net to block and hit (eventually to spike it down the opponent's throat, did I just type that?).

We are having to learn a lot about the game. I played in high school but boy have things changed. I'm old school, that's for sure. No more play until the first one reaches 15 and you can only score when you serve. Oh, and the serve can tip the net and still be in play. What?

* they play to 25 pts.
* you can score a point on the opponent's serve
* the serve can tip the net, as long as it is in
* rotation is weird and I haven't figured it out
* the varsity teams uses a libero and I don't know what that is except she wears a different color jersey. Great.

I am very proud of Hannah!! She is having a great time learning the game and all the other stuff you learn about life while participating in a team sport.



Auntie said...

I guess Hannah and I make a good team of shame...very nice post!!!

now maybe we should start working on the 'no homecoming' issue, or cell phone?

ha ha ha jk
as you wish

Janet said...

Very funny Janice.

Your advise yesterday was so very helpful: "she's a freshman now, you'd better figure this stuff out!" ;-)


Donna Boucher said...

Oh Hannah! You are so beautiful!

I love your uniform. Do you wear those really tight, tiny shorts?

Congratulations on your wins!

Have a wonderful season! I wish we lived closer so we could come and watch you play!

Aunt Donna

Janet said...

"Do you wear those really tight, tiny shorts?"

Oh NO they don't!!

They wear nice loose Asics.


ME said...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH MOM!!! lol I am loving Volleyball so much. We beat Scotsdale today! Yeah! That's the team to beat, so now we're 3-0. Oh and Aunt Janice I am going to get a cell phone! lol
-Hannah (No. 6)

Anne said...

I followed you from Amy's Humble Musings:) This is my first time here, and I noticed the post is about volleyball... I like that! I'm a volleyball coach so this is kinda a coincidence;) I'll be back:D

sis' cindy :) said...

Oh Volleyball...the best sport in the world!!!!!! Remember I was a volleyballer!!!!

more later...

GO Hannah!!!! :)

Janet said...

Cindy, I love telling the story of your black eye for homecoming, that was funny :-)

another bossy sis' said...

Oh My if I did not look like enough of a bruiser with my huge shoulders and neck! (from working out in volleyball) Add the black eye...every guys dream date!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Hannah, I think you look darling in your uniform. and YOur teeth look wonderful. When did you get your braces off? Aunt Sue