Sunday, September 03, 2006

15 Healthy Foods

This article is quite good. I read it last week while waiting for my oil to be changed. It was the only ladies magazine in the whole place and I was pleasantly surprised by the content of this article. The only one (out of 15) I'm not so sure about is the soy products. I hope you'll follow the link and read about why each food is good for you, but here is the list....

1. Salmon
2. Oatmeal
3. Blueberries
4. Strawberries
5. Soy foods
6. Nuts
7. Pinto Beans
8. Cauliflower
9. Tomatoes
10 Garlic
11. Spinach
12. Grapes
13. Sweet Potatoes
14. Flax
15. Sesame Seeds

Isn't that a great list?! So, how are you doing?

Hope you enjoy the article :)


Donna Boucher said...

I eat four of those items...every day.

I rarely eat Salmon, sesame seeds, pinto beans or sweet once in five years :o)

Amy said...

No soy foods, cauliflower, sesame seeds here. I eat several of the items A LOT. I would eat a ton of pinto beans if my family would eat them too. Of course, mashing them up and spreading them on buttered white bread probably negates the healthy effect anyway, so maybe that's not so bad after all.

Janice, a sis said...

I do ok, almonds are my favorite new snack, they are easy to have at work. I eat the raw, organic ones.
Donna, sweet potatoes are so yummy, just roast them with some olive oil and salt (add thyme if you are brave, mmmm)
not many pinto beans but lots of garbanzo beans

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but that list is sorely lacking one very important ingredient: CHOCOLATE. HELLO? Someone needs to revise it and quick!


Janet said...

I thought you were going to say fresh veggie juice :-)

add dark chocolate Stacey

Kim said...

I eat most of these things at least once a week, with the exception of cauliflower. Don't mind it, just not weekly. And sweet potatoes when in season. My favorite way to eat almonds is stuffed into a date. Yummy! And about 5 or 6 fills me up as a snack.

Many of these things are great smoothie ingredients.

Chuck said...

Your blog about eating balanced meals is really cool.I'll be back to visit.

Chuck said...

I love your blog. It's very infomative about eating the right foods