Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Today is Sarah's 8th Birthday!

Sarah is sporting a brand new pink bike.

She has requested poppy seed chicken for dinner and yummy undercooked chocolate chip cookie bars with icecream for dessert. And she's getting it....all of it :)

She will get to open a few more presents after dinner.

Sarah is a precious gift from the Lord and she is my "princess". Sarah is my little false labor baby. I labored for days and even went in to the hospital once at 3am and then it all stopped and I had to go home. We made her come out a few days later. :-) She weighed 9lb 3oz at birth but now she is my petite one, wearing only a size 6 or 7 slim. She has blue eyes that will melt your heart and a heart as good as gold. She truly is a gift and a joy to our family.

We love you Sarah Hope!

Blogger won't let me post pictures for some reason, I try again later.


Aunt Cindy :) said...

Yippee..I'm the first to wish Sarah a Happy Birthday here!!!!

Sweet Sarah you have good taste in food and especially dessert!!

Thinking of you...
hugs and kisses,
Aunt Cindy :)

Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday Little Sarah!!!

You are just like your mommy! We called her Tiny.

Love Aunt Donna

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Sarah Hope! Wow a new pink bike - that is such a great present! Have fun :)

Loz H. said...

AWESOME! Tell her happy birthday for me! :)

Dominion Family said...

I have been away almost all summer. Happy Birthday to Sarah. I would have had a Sarah if I had been given another little girl.

My Nicholas was my stubborn one and he was born in Phoenix :)