Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This and That

Hi! All is well, just very busy.

* Josh is doing so well! His first round of chemo has been a breeze (that should be an oxymoron). His blood counts were shocking yesterday, in a good way. Stacey credits the vegetable juicing and the Flor-Essence tea they are drinking. The doctors might start his next round early so he can "get this over with" before the cold and flu season sets in...thank you for praying and be sure to praise God for His many blessings :)

* I spent 4 days last week up near Flagstaff with the kids and one cousin. Almost got struck by lightning (not kidding, I'm still scared), saw 5 beautiful elk, 1 bold blue jay, a fluffy bunny and the power of God in a big way in the form of thunder storms. I'm humbled.

* Our little classical school closed in June. We are putting 3 children in the local Christian school. I have mixed emotions; a little fear and a lot of relief. I'm ready for stability and consistency in my children's education. I have been very busy with all the paper work, school supplies (love buying them) and uniforms etc.

* I keep starting the Fat Flush diet, usually every Monday ;-). I have stopped drinking DC again and I don't have a hard time staying away from sweets. I even like the cran water. I have a hard time eating something completely different than what I've cooked for my family. Last night we had grilled pork chops and delicious, sauteed zucchini with onions and tomatoes. That was a good meal my whole family could enjoy, I need to find more of those.

* I am heading up to the cabin again on Thursday and Dave will join us on Friday when he can sneak away from work. This will probably be our last trip before school starts. I'm looking forward to the cool temps and pine air. I am in my element up there and Chili's is only 25 minutes away :)

See ya later!


Donna Boucher said...

Great post Janet! So happy to read a big update!

Have a great time up north. Stay cool...and don't be holding any golf clubs in those thunderstorms!


cindy, a sis said...

Great update indeed!! You really must explain your lightning experience more...WOW!

Janice, a sis said...

yeah, the lightning is a good story, but the up all night with the girls is one the big sis' will enjoy more !!!
no one can imagine an Arizona storm, it has to be experienced

cindy, a sis said...

Hey...when do I get the stories??

Dana said...

I had about eradicated Diet Coke, too. I cant believe how easily it slips back into my day. I do remember really wanting one, in the middle of the afternoon...for a the bubbles and a pick-me-up. I've only had one 12 oz today. And 34 oz water. Tomorrow is another day :)

Janice, midnight said...

uh, we're waiting.....

Anonymous said...

Well, that was too close for comfort. Did your hair stand on end???? sister sue

Anonymous said...

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