Saturday, August 19, 2006

Five things on my mind...

Today I will answer yesterday's 5 things that were on my mind.

Summary: God is good.

Did Josh have a good night?

Not only did he have a good night he is doing extremely well. He finished his 2nd round of chemo and was released from the hospital on Monday night. His body is handling it beautifully with only a few little blips here and there. The little blips seem to be related to the spinal tap so Mike and Stacey are working to take care of that. Josh has a spinal tap every week. They have to watch his spinal fluid very carefully, his type of cancer loves spinal fluid. So far, none has been found. Praise God. Josh's parents believe it is God at work in his life and body. They also continue to juice carrots, parsley, apple and beets every single night. (funny, I had a dream about that last night). Dave and I are seriously considering buying a juicer. Probably the Omega.

Glory be to God!

Will Danielle be taken off the waiting list and get in to school?

God saw fit to allow Dani into the Christian school yesterday at 1 pm. School starts on Monday. :) I had a hard week...we were offered a position at the satellite campus (opposite direction and away from her siblings) on Wednesday and with much prayer we decided to turn it down in hopes that something would come up at the main campus. It was a risk because they do not allow transfers during the school year. I was willing to homeschool so it didn't matter that she didn't get in right away, I was counting on someone moving or not liking the school. Not only did God get Dani in to the school He gave her the teacher she wanted. Isn't God kind?

Are we making the right decision for our children?

Thank you, Donna. I believe we are making a good decision for our family. NCS is a very nice place.

I need to start exercising/walking, please cool down!

Yes, cool down!!

Why is there no milk in this house, how did that happen? :)

Got this taken care of by 8:50 am. Also grabbed some o.j. and eggs.

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Donna Boucher said...

Oh! Thank you God! He is so good.

Great news about the school situation...I know that has been a heavy burden!

And super great news about Josh!

Is God a procrastinator(sp) or is He teaching us patience?

Don't answer that...I know He is just teaching us to trust Him :o)