Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bald is Beautiful!

Picture by Michael Schennum for the Arizona Republic

I called the newspaper today to compliment this man on his amazing photograph. Everything about this picture is awesome; the subject, first and foremost, the angle, the black and white choice, the positioning of the firemen and the pleasant looks on their faces. It deserves an award. Can you tell I'm impressed? Sorry for the poor quality, I had to scan it.

Go to this link, scroll down and click "Shaving their hair for cancer awareness". It is a short video and the beautiful picture is at the end.

The Peoria firemen raised over $2,000.00 that day for the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

It was a tremendous blessing to be there on that day to see so many men willing to shave their heads in honor of Josh and others who have cancer. A female fire fighter even did it, you'll see that in the video.

Josh and his family appeared on three local newscasts on Friday night and then 4 big pictures in the Sunday paper. Josh is like, so cool and famous :-)

Please continue to pray for Joshua. He checks back in to PCH on Thursday for his third round of chemo. He will have to stay one week.


Donna Boucher said...


That's me crying with joy.

What is it about people loving one another that brings me to tears.

Bless those men, and women.

God bless Josh too!

Dana said...

Solidarity....how neat.

As a matter of interest, several teachers at our school shaved their heads to show support for another teacher who had lost his due to radiation/chemotherapy.

Praying for God's comfort/healing during this trying illness.

Dana in GA

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet!
Popped over from my visit to Donna's blog and found you there so I just have to say Hi and tell you how blessed I am to see these wonderful people supporting each other. We will keep Josh in prayer.