Monday, March 03, 2008

What's New!?

My hubby went and bought himself (and the family) a new toy.

It really should be called the iMiracle.

iMac just doesn't do it justice.

We owned an Apple computer back in the early 90's but have been PC users until this beauty entered our lives.

In true Geeky fashion, Dave ordered the blue tooth keyboard and mouse. And would you please look at that cord.

One cord.

Can I get an Amen!

See that box next to the One Cord? That's Dave's sub woofer. Like I said. GEEK.

Donna, Dave said you and I can video chat for FREE on a mac dot com site. I'll get right on that. Better yet, I let Dave figure it out. tee hee.


Janice, a sis said...

why didn't I see that beauty yesterday?

Junebug said...

We bought that same exact iMac a few months ago. We also got the wireless. It is pretty awesome.

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my gosh!!!! You got a Mac!

Can you believe that the whole computer is in the monitor????

Neat and tidy.

Tell Dave that what I love most about the Mac.....

Is the way it looks.

I am not a Geek.

And tell him it is not really THAT intuitive.

In fact sometimes it is rather dumb.

But it sure is purty!!!

It's a dumb blonde in my estimation. :o)

Have fun.

Gather the kids around and take some pictures with that icamera inside the iMac.

It's a blast and a half!!!

Janet said...

Oh, we've had a blast with the camera already!

A dumb blonde could get that thing up and running that's for sure! Plug it in and yer good to go.

It is also sooooo quiet. Silent, in fact.

I can't believe how easy it was for (Dave) to transfer music and files etc. I guess it has a built in wireless device cuz this dumb blonde doesn't see one and yet the internet works just fine.

I am, Janet, a dumb blonde, non-techie. :)

wise brunette said...

keeping blonde jokes to myself....good deed for the day!

Janet said...

Very funny Janice.

Donna Boucher said...


mom said...

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! We are a family of Mac lovin' people around here...unfortunately to the point where my children are actually snobbish about it...hee hee. We so so wanted to replace our old one with a new one last fall but the financial plotting I was working on didn't work out. Someday :::dreamy sigh:::


Tammy ~@~

Egghead said...

I have that exact same iMac and love, love, love it. I am an long time mac user and this is the best so far.