Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Here are a few shots of our Sunday afternoon BBQ. My brother-in-law, 'Binky' and his daughter, Lindsay were in town and we hadn't seen either of them in a long time. It was a real treat to spend the afternoon with them. Of course, it was also fun to have Ashley and Janice here (they both live in town). The weather has been beautiful and sunny and our yard is beginning to make it's comeback. My allergies are in full gear. Ah choo.

Here are the cousins! James is a little out numbered, eh?

The girls got comfortable and sunned their bods and visited for a little while. Hmmm, what is it about that Vitamin D?! It feels sooooo good to soak up the sun the first few days of Spring. It's therapeutic.

Is it Spring in your neck of the woods?


Anonymous said...

I have heard the word and it stirs some pleasant memories, but I can't quite place it.
Must be the piles of snow, the below freezing temps and nostrils full of wood smoke that are clogging my memory.

When spring hits Wisconsin you will hear the cries of joy all the way down by your BBQ pit.


Janet said...

Melt snow, melt!!


Janice, a sis said...

Great Post!
Thanks for the photos!

Donna Boucher said...

Yes!!!! Very great post. You need to do more family pictures. This post warms my heart as much as spring. I love the waves. I love seeing Bink and Dave.

I love seeing everyone.

When does Nancy arrive???

Oh! I love this post!

Janet said...

Nancy arrives on Thursday! I'm so happy. :)

Did you say you love the girls waving?!!

:-P Janice?? Did you read that?

She said, and I quote. Why do we have to wave? Snort. Snort.

girl with mind of her own said...


was this a set up?

Donna Boucher said...

No. I swear it was not :o)
I thought the waving was charming :o)

Janet said...

Charming you say?


Dominion Family said...

We went from 70 degrees to 40's for baseball today so I am slightly jealous of the BBQ although we had one Sunday afternoon.

Love the picture. Isn't it funny. All the girls lean in and the boy leans out. I always try to get my boys to understand my daughter by asking them how they would feel if they were the only boy. It doesn't take them long to get the point.