Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Silly Boys

James and two of his friends (who happen to be brothers) were hanging out in the living room the other night. I thought it was nice that they were visiting and enjoying the newly purchased and decorated Christmas tree.

However. (You knew that was coming)

Mom's can always tell when something is out of place.

Here is what I found yesterday.

This ornament was removed from the tree and is now hanging on a little nail in the big picture window. And.....

I noticed something unusual about the top of the tree. First of all, the tree is a little too tall for the room but I will be able to bend the fake branch and make it work. I still won't be able to put a star or an angel on the top though.

I definitely know I don't want Obi Wan Kenobi to be the topper. :-)


And now for some sweet 6 year old decorating.

Wow. I count 9 ornaments in one spot.

Is your tree up yet? Decorated?

Happy December!


Donna Boucher said...

My goodness, no.

I am the Christmas tree grinch.

Our house is so small that a small tree takes up a huge portion of the room.

This year I have an extra excuse.
We are getting wood floors installed in a few weeks.
We will put the tree up after the wood floors are in....

It was nice to have a time frame for Katie as she starts begging for a tree as soon as she sees others with one up.

Oh she can nag.

Dot O said...

I am thankful that I found your blog and many others from Donna's blog. I think of her's as "Blog Central" kind of like the hub of a wheel.

Lovely tree Janet!! It's neat to see how everyone decorates theirs. Sunday will be our day to do it. It's a tradition that we snack and decorate and play Christmas music the whole time. My kids know not to make any plans for this Sunday. It is a special time and a special tradition for us, along with hiding the pickle on Christmas Eve!

Laura said...

Ours is up, thanks to my wonderful kids! I love the top of your tree bending over from the ceiling - it reminds me of Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree. Did you ever read that book as child? It's one of our favorites here!

Amy said...

We are having our "Christmas Tree Feast" and putting up our tree this Saturday. I call it that, but really, it's where I get to cook MY version of Thanksgiving because I never feel like I've celebrated Thanksgiving after having the New Jersey version. It's sad, but I can't let it go. So we'll eat Thanksgiving the way it is meant to be cooked then decorate the tree.

I like your tree. I especially love the nine ornaments in one spot. And that you don't feel compelled to rearrange them. Good mommy.

sister sue said...

Hi Janet. I was going to put it up tonight, but I have a head ache...he he. Now, do tell me about that Frango Mint ornament, I am green with envy!!!!! I might have to at least get the box upstairs.

mom said...

Ohhhh, goodness! You gotta love boys! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Janet said...

Sue, I was wondering how long it would take the sisters to notice the Frango Mint ornament. :) Our dear friend Jenny B. from Minocqua came out to Phoenix on business a few years ago and brought Janice and I each one. Isn't it cool. It's that special 'glass' type and I just love it. I must get to Macy's to get a box of Frango's (or six).

The Arthur Clan said...

I have two brothers so this post made me laugh out loud! Typical boys.

Our tree is still not up. I was bound and determined to have the house completely clean before we started. Well, THAT is never going to happen so...I guess we'll start on the decorating mess tonight.

(I'm taking a deep breath to get myself ready for it...)