Sunday, October 12, 2008

Six Year Old Sweetness

Lauren made her Daddy a birthday card.

He was delighted.

We are seven. She got it right.

I'm thinkin' this is Dave based on the amount of hair on this stick figure's head.

Lauren is learning D'Nealian Handwriting in school. The 'U' looks good. :)


anita said...

Oh how precious.
Those handmade birthday cards are right up there with baby books and photos of what gets grabbed if there is a fire.
Dave may not have much hair, but what a smile! And what a gazelle-like neck!

I taught D'Nealian handwriting to kindergartners. That 'u' deserves a grade of an A++++++

Janet said...

The secret is out. We are the family with long, wide torso's and gazelle-like necks. :-P

Dot O said...

And with two fingers on each hand! Love those pictures. Lauren did an awesome job.

When my two were little I gave them each a sketch book and had them start a photo journal and each week I had them draw something. It was so neat to watch the people shapes evolve, especially with my son who was either 3 or 4 at the time I started it. Eventually we went from each having two fingers to hands that looked like porcupines!! Those books are now in their memory boxes.

Laura said...

The card is a keeper!

Donna Boucher said...

Does Sarah wear glasses?
Are you the one with out a face?

Janet said...

I spoke with the artist.

From left to right: Hannah (LOL, trust me she has beautiful hair), Me, Dave (ROTFLMBO), Lauren, Sarah, Dani and James (her interprtation of his hair is, um, interesting. I told you he needs a haircut).

It appears to me that some of us are holding hands or at least attempting to.

Dave: "I look like a warped mushroom", "I took a nasty fall", "Am I really that short?".

hannah said...

why does she make me the giant?!? ha oh well. at least i am taller than dad! =P

mom said...

Ohhh, how sweet! Be sure to save this birthday card in a special place!

Tammy ~@~

Donna Boucher said...


Dave is the short one???
That is hilarious!!!
He got a nice Charlie Brown sweater!
And look! Dave got some sweet feet too!

I love this picture even more now that I know who is who :o)

sister sue said...

Awesome Photo. Nice shoes Dave. Happy Belated Birthday. I love D'Nellian. I still write like that. I taught it for years. Makes sense to me.