Sunday, October 05, 2008

My (not so normal) Children

It's been a fun homecoming week.

Take a look:


The only reason I posted this picture is for the look on James' face. He's holding the first staple we removed. He was very surprised at the shape and size. It's shaped more like a 'C' than your average household staple. Our friend Mike did the honors, Dave and I were the assistants. I kept feeling very sorry for James because it was a painful process but then everyone in the room reminded me of how he did this to himself and I agreed....

Mike and I cleaned the cut well with hydrogen peroxide, let it dry completely and then painted a line of SUPERGLUE over the nicely healed scar. James practiced on Saturday morning and wore his helmet for the first time all week. It went well and he gets to play on Monday. Priorities. ;-P


Off to church.

Have a blessed day today.


Donna Boucher said...

Hilarious picture of you all looking at the staples!!!

Such cute children you have!!!

Homecoming excitment!!! Too cute!

Dot O said...

Isn't it so great that with digital we can document both the good and not-so-good events in our lives?

Somehow, if we were still using film that had to be developed, we wouldn't be running for our cameras to take photos of our kids injuries but with digital, we have no problem taking "graphic" pics of our kids!

Glad James' head healed okay and that he's already back into is regular sports stuff. Hope your Grandma is still improving.

Love the homecoming pictures. Looks like it was a fun event for all the kids.

anita said...

Very nicely done, Nurse Janet!

You are an exceptional mother.
Too bad you don't have time to supply your children with matching socks :)

The flip flops with socks is making my toes cringe. How does she do that and smile?
And Ms. Purple-ade is truly fierce.
(Tell her she has a little smudge on her face)
Clever of James to hide his bloody gash in red hair.

On another note- don't you look fabulous! Are you so busy doing surgery and finding flower power clothes that you forget to eat?

Donna Boucher said...

I enlarged the picture.
James has your eyes :o)