Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Few Updates

James head is healing very well! He played in last night's game and everything stayed in tact. Except now his arm is scraped and scratched and bruised and lumpy but not broken. Happy day indeed. The freshman boys on this team have played together for 3 years and last night was their first loss EVER. They played hard and fought til the end but the other team was fast and big and better. It is good to eat humble pie once in a while. That's what my husband says.


Great Grandma is going home today. Her lungs are in bad shape so she will be needing oxygen 100% of the time and she will also need breathing treatments every day. Dave's siblings made room for a hospital bed so Grandma will be able to get in and out and sit up comfortably. I know 'hospital bed' and 'comfortable' sounds like an oxymoron and actually it is...but in her condition it is what will be best.


Here is a great article by Dr. Albert Mohler. He shares his thoughts on Sarah Palin for VP and the motherhood debate. It is very good and balanced.


Anita asked if I quit eating in yesterday's comments. I $paid$ her to write/say that. :) I have good news. I have lost 26 pounds. I am doing a medical weight loss program and having great success. This particular program suits me very well and I love it. I am sticking with it until I get waaaaaay down and definitely through the holidays. I feel great and I'm very happy. Update: here is the link for my program. Medi Weight Loss


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and more importantly thank you for praying for Great Grandma.


Dominion Family said...

Thanks for the Mohler article I hadn't read it before. I really like SP but I do wonder how good this can all be for her little commonwealth, especially her marriage.

My medical diet do you mean one of those nutri-shake things. I really do think a planned meal diet would work for me.

My newest effort is to try to run. I am up to about 10 feet now :)

Janet said...

Cindy! That's a great start. :) I'd make it 3 feet.

I added the link to the weight loss program in the post. In a nut shell; low cal, protein, no carbs, vit. injections, weekly visits, mult. vitamins and other supplements and a prescription appetite suppressant. I have had no side effects with the app. supp., my bp stays nice and low and it miraculously takes away hunger.

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear about Great Grandma. I'll continue to pray.

My brother is doing something similar to what you're doing - or it may be the same. It's working very well for him, too.

Donna Boucher said...

I am so happy for you and delighted that you have been doing so well on your diet!!!
It must feel amazing!
I know it must be so hard, but you are doing it and you will get to your goal!!!

Yes! You will!!!

anita said...

26 pounds- wow!
What a woman (I guess that would be 'waw'!)
What a happy post- lumpy arm is better than a lumpy head- a loss in sports isn't so bad when you lose with your best buds.
And I am SO HAPPY Great Grandma is going home! What a blessing, and what a testimony to a life well lived that so many love her and want her to be happy.
BTW- my in-law snow birds won't be invading your Costco till after hunting season is over. But they will invade. They love LOVE Arizona and would live there year round if my husband and his siblings would let them.

Janet said...

"until hunting season is over"....I love Wisconsin. :)

Anita, I want to meet your in-laws cuz it will be a tiny step closer to you. Or better yet, come down and visit them. We can talk theology and pasta.

anita said...

OK- let's do it. We'll compare Sproul and MacArthur while I eat pasta and you nibble a vitamin.

And my 16 yr. old can compare scars with your James. And I'll try to bring along some matching socks for your oldest :)

Janet said...

"while I eat pasta and you nibble a vitamin"

Oh Anita, you are sooooo funny. I love your comments. :)

In this house there are no matching socks. That is the story of my life. Laundry with no matching socks. The End.