Saturday, September 27, 2008

They Say It's Her Birthday





Go wish Donna a happy birthday. She always has a big blog bash on her special day.

Donna, go have one of these ON ME.


Donna Boucher said...

I really should give away a prize or something, huh???

Thanks for the wonderful birthday blog!!!

Anita said...

I already told Donna Happy Birthday- in person! How fun is THAT!
I am a little jealous of your concert going/Ligonier overflowing.
But glad for you.
Is Hannah graciously sharing her pinkeye? Or keeping it all to herself?
What did your kids think of the conference? Probably not as heart-poundingly exciting as the concerts, but what a great opportunity for them! Sitting at the feet (or peering down at)
those called to preach the Word.

Janet said...

Anita, yes, it's been a crazy few days for us. It all happened in the matter of 3 days and I am exhausted!! The conference was amazing. These dear men are wise, gracious, well spoken, humble, funny and they don't let the 2 % of what they disagree on come between their friendship. It was such a blessing to sit under their teaching. I've never heard RC in person so it was a real treat. He is an amazing story teller. He told the story of Joseph in his own words and it brought me to tears.

Hannah has shared her pink eye with her other eye but she is using the drops faithfully. So far no one else seems to be affected.

I did my best to explain to my kids the blessing it was to sit and listen to these men of God. I asked them to appreciated it now and not in 20 years. I think they really liked John MacArthur. He was quite funny.