Friday, September 26, 2008

Crazy Busy

I'm in a huge hurry this morning but thought I'd just say hello and of course "have a good nice beautiful day lady". Yes, my friend at McDonald's added "lady" at the end today. Isn't that sweet?

Last night was crazy. We scored 6 tickets to the Concert of the Year on Wednesday night and better yet, they were only $15 a piece. Jars of Clay (Janice calls them Clay Pots) performed first and unfortunately we missed them. It was tricky getting downtown by 6 PM. Robert Randolph & The Family Band were next. They have a very blues/rock sound and not many lyrics but boy was it fun to listen to. Next up, SWITCHFOOT. My kids LOVE this band and so do I! Did you know they're from Oceanside, California? Love that place. I knew *almost* every song they sang and they were the rockers for the night. Third Day finished off the night. Love, love, love Mack's voice. It's soothing, perfect, beautiful. I didn't know as many of their songs because I haven't taken the time to listen to the new album even though it's on my iPod. They played some of their older music which I knew very well. He did a great job of sharing the Gospel an pointing people to Christ. At the end Jars, Switchfoot and Third Day performed together and it was incredible. Robert and Family had another engagement in Phoenix. I'm so glad it worked out for us to go. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical and didn't think I'd enjoy the ROCK so much but there is something very special about live music and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


The Ligonier Conference starts today at 2 PM. It has been a logistical nightmare for me with every one's schedules but today Dave and I will go and take James and Danielle. We were hoping our three older children could attend both days but I just can't get it all together. Dave and I will attend only the morning sessions tomorrow. Ah, what can I do. I'm also very disappointed that we have to sit in the "overflow" area. They should have held this thing at the Phoenix Convention Center for goodness sakes. Anyway, looking forward to hearing John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul this afternoon.


Hannah has pink eye. We'll see if this goes through the family....


Sorry about the blabbing.

Got to run.

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!


Dot O said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy that conference. Looks like they will be hitting on some very relevant topics.

Sorry your little girl has pink eye and hopefully it won't spread through the rest of the family.

Take care! Concert sounds like it was awesome. I have both Switchfoot and Third Day on my iPod. "They" accompany on my evening walk!

melinda sue said...

oh my gosh... clay pots. have i got a funny story for you.

i went to my first concert in 5th grade. my dad took me to michael w smith. this long enough ago that jars of clay was just beginning, and they were opening for michael w smith. my dad and i got there way too early, and i was absorbing every detail of my first concert. i was busy watching everything, when i heard the group of ladies next to us asked us who was opening for him. my dad pondered very long and hard and finaly shouted... "i remember now, CLAY POTS" and i died. beofre i could correct him the ladies began to giggle, "you mean jars of clay?" "yah that's it." he said. he still calls them that, jars of clay must be too hard to remember.

melinda sue said...

the concert sounded fantastic! glad you all had such a great time!

mom said...

Enjoyed your blabbing and I know my older ones would have loved being at the concert with you! Of course, if we figured in the flights it probably wouldn't have been practical! LOL!

Tammy ~@~