Friday, September 05, 2008

Clowing Around!

It's Clown Day in Kindergarten!

Lauren found the dress in our dress-up box and we got the hat, lollipop and nose at Party City.

She came in to my room and crawled in to bed with me at 6 AM sharp. She was so excited she couldn't sleep.

Hehe, I like the little smirk.

Her she is with her very special teacher, Mrs. Y.

Donna, why is this picture yellow? Argh.

Hmmm. The nose seems to accent the blue eyes.

Fashion & Beauty Tip: want your eyes to "pop"? Wear a big, red clown nose.

Have a great day and a nice relaxing weekend my friends.


Laura said...

Very Cute! But I like the dress a lot - and not as a clown costume!

sis' cindy :) said...

Cutest Clown in Town!! Lauren has a VERY NICE Kindergarten teacher to host a Clown Day!! OY!! ;)

Ruthanne said...

My daughter and I like her costume. Very sweet! So cute to think of Lauren's excitement at 6am.

I wonder... Did the nose drive her crazy or make her eyes water?

One time when I was pregnant and HUGE, I dressed like a clown from head to toe for a nephew's birthday. (I even did tricks, made balloon animals and had a squirty flower. : ) I was "Sprinkles" and to this day the boy and his siblings don't know it was me.)

Anyway, the nose itched and drove me bananas!

anita said...

Thank you Lauren, for the beauty tip.
My eyes are very green when I cry.
Another 'shoot yourself in the foot' beauty tip!

Your little one is so adorable. I love homeschooling with all my heart but wonder if I would have done tings differently if we had had a Christian school close. School days can be a treat too.

Enjoy your weekend- we are down to the 70's here! Delightful! We're off to a county fair after church tomorrow to see all my little farm nephew's and nieces' 4-H displays. So fun!

Isn't it sneaky how I use your site to talk about my activities? :)

Donna Boucher said...

janet, the picture is yellow because of the lighting in the building.
It's pretty severe so I couldn't fix it with much success. You know what I do when I get a picture like that....make it black and white. But clowns looks better in color!

Lauren is just so pretty!