Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Vessel" and JV Sports

Sorry for all of the You Tubes lately but I just couldn't resist this one.....

I promise, it's not dumb. LOL

Sing along and worship Jesus with Chris Sligh:


JV games are in full force.

Hannah's team won in two games and she had some nice playing time! I was sitting in the bleachers, in line with the net and a few times we made eye contact. It was funny. She was nervous and made a funny face at me.

James' team was playing at the same school out on the football field. When Hannah's game ended we ventured outdoors for some JV football. It was an incredible game. A shut out to be exact, 30-0. My man James recovered a fumble (woot!), caught an interception (yes) and had a chance at the end of the game to fine tune his QB skilz. It's nice going to a small school, many of the boys play both offense and defense. James was out there for most of the game.

About that interception. I didn't see it. Boo Hoo. Lauren had to go to the bathroom so I got up (the only time I moved out of my seat) and was in the bathroom when James intercepted the ball and ran for 8 yards. UGH. WHY ME?

Go Crusaders!


Anita said...

I am so sorry. I have missed soccer goals and saves, 3 pointers at basketball games, and singles, doubles and home runs in baseball.
Most because
a) I was taking my baby to the potty
b) I was talking to someone.

Small schools and homeschool teams are so great! Hope your kids get lots and lots of playing time.

I'm curious about the buzz from THE
SPEECH last night- off to watch cable news before we start school

Dana said...

I loved watching my children play sport...hooted and hollered from the stands and all that.

Go team!!

anita said...

Twitter response:
I think you would look great in Sarah Palin styles, Janet.
They have the added bonus of keeping your hair out of your eyes when you are shooting a moose :)

Janet said...

anita, I would love a style like Sarah's and it might work on me but my niece Ashley would have to come over every morning at 6:30 AM and do it for me. :) Do you think I should ask her?

I don't hunt Moose but I saw several while we were in Wyoming this summer. Does that count for anything? Didn't think so.

Dana, I'm known for giving a good holler too. I especially love football and volleyball.

4funboys said...

congrats of the fumble recovery...

I loved the video... it's just what I needed to hear today.

thanks for the blessing!