Saturday, September 20, 2008

Costco Goodies

Donna asked me for some more Costco goodies. They just got a Costco and/or they have a new membership.

Here are the items I buy on a regular basis but not every trip:

Kirkland Whole Wheat Bread
2% Milk
18 pack Eggs
Mexican blend cheese
Ground Beef (not the frozen chub)
Pot Roast
Einstein's bagels (fresh not frozen)
Water bottles
Rain Water (no carbs and refreshing)
Rotisserie Chicken
Parisian Salad Kit
Animal Crackers
Frozen Hamburgers **
Chicken Nuggets (for Lauren)

I buy these items for my kid's school lunches. The other bulk items (above) get put in to small zip lock bags.

All in individual wrapping:

Sun Chips
Fruit Cups
Chex Mix
Organic Chocolate Milk (they love this!)
Nature Way Granola Bars
Kirkland Fruit Snacks (ew)

**About the frozen hamburgers. I don't know the brand but I do know they are individually wrapped, Angus burgers and they are frozen. I searched the net yesterday but couldn't find the brand name. James loves these things! Dave ate one recently and said it was 'pretty good'. Anyway, they make a quick snack or meal for a GROWING boy.

I have also been know to buy LOTS of socks at Costco.

And home decorations.

And eye glasses.

And Christmas cards.

And trampolines.

And bunk beds and dressers (online).

I could go on but by now you are REALLY, REALLY bored.

Add to my list in the comments. What do you buy at Costco?


Dana said...

costa is not near me....but I do have other warehouse-type places and love shopping there.

right now, I'm trying to get used to cooking for only two :/

Off topic question -
how far are you from Az State University? where there is a bunch a GA fans?

sister sue said...

Batteries, ipods, books, towels when they have good ones, paper plates....but we don't have costco...we live in Sams territory!

Dot O said...

Janet, I think our equivalent to Costo would be BJ's. We make a trip there about once a month for a lot of the same stuff - lunch packing items, detergents, soap, toothpaste, and then at New Years we get some of their frozen hor'doerves.

You can also get electronics, jewelry, books, toys, and clothes!

It's nice having a store like that around -

Dominion Family said...

I go to Sam's but your list looks like mine except for the lunch items. I have been able to get more creative not that two big mouths are gone. I can actually buy little yogurts and not have them disappear within seconds, or granola bars.

But my 2 favorite Sam's purchases are their fresh salsa and their chicken tenders which are just raw strips of chicken in the meat isle.


Janet said...

Dana, we are about 25 minutes from ASU. Yes, they are playing GA today. It is toasty warm today. It will be in the mid to high 90's. BUT IT'S A DRY HEAT. :)

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you for sharing Janet!!!

We have a brand new Costco near us AND I am a member :o)

I appreciate knowing that the staples are good.

Freaks me out that they carry Lacoste and Ralph Lauren!!!

Their book selection is not very good at all. Sams always had a wonderful book section.

I got a free rotiseree chicken when I joined!

Janet said...

They mark clothing down too. I bought Hannah a Ralph Lauren shirt a month ago and found one for Dani six dollars cheaper last week. Look for the (*) on the sign with the price on it.

I freeze butter and bread quite often. It turns out just fine.

"two big mouths are gone" Cindy! That is so funny! :)

Anita said...

I just renewed my Sam's Club membership- looks like a lot of items are carried in both stores.
Our favorite Sam's Club frozen meal is Chicken con Queso.
Best snack: Aussie Bites.
They used to carry the super duper size of my favorite spaghetti sauce- Ragu Chunky Garden Style Tomato, Garlic & Onion, but now they don't :(
Years ago they had a low fat turkey chili that was SO GOOD. Now they don't. :(
That is one thing I don't like about Sam's. I get an emotional connection to something they carry and then they discontinue it!
Does Costco do that to you?
Say! We bought our trampoline at Sam's! But the net has disintegrated and we don't know where to find a new one!

Seven's Heaven said...

We used to love our Costco when we were first married. Then with lots of babies in tow, it was just too crowded ALL the time and too stressful to shop there. So Sam's became our favorite. But we actually bought our entire bedroom suite at Costco for this house, SOOO pretty and it was still cheap to get a UHAUL across the street from Costco and get it all home than it was to buy it anywhere else. Also bought the girls trundle bed made by Cafe Kids and my teenager has it and loves it. That Shabby Chic look. I do miss it and wish there was one closer to me now. I love the new stuff where as Sam's doesn't change up very often. But if I find something I like (Starbuck's Breakfast Blend) it is quite sad when it's no longer there.

Anonymous said...

I am heading to costco today, and my list is..cream, coffee, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, candy. Look for a new rug for the back door as the puppy chewed the one that was there. Our costco has a better book selection than Sam's. But, at Sam's I go for the Vit.E cream. BEST.STUFF.EVER. A little dab will do you. Is great for chapped spots and dry skin. And clothes..I would say about 75% of my clothes, skorts, tops, etc are from costco. OH! and the pecan crusted tilapia is great!
Kris Schwarz

Carol in Oregon said...


I *heart* Costco lists. I'm always asking folks what they buy at Costco.

Ours is 2+ hours away, so we only get there about once a quarter.

We love buying:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sundried Tomatoes
Artichoke Hearts
Bread Flour
Oil for the car
Uncooked Tortillas (in fridge)
Whipping Cream to make Ice Cream
Gel Pens
Printer Ink
Muffins (I freeze these indiv.)
Lemon Juice (for lemonade)
Paper Plates, cups, napkins
Dog Food
Dried Cranberries, Mangoes
Christmas Ribbon

I'm eager to try Tilapia. Thanks for the tip!

We can't get out of there for less than $300.

Oh, and I've bought many bookcases there, too.

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