Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prayer Request

A very sweet lady and friend at our school has battled cancer for 14 years and for the most part has managed to stay very healthy and active. The cancer, at times, was considered to be in remission. Unfortunately, the cancer has spread to her bones so she is undergoing chemo again. She has two young children, a sophomore and a 7th grader. Will you please pray for this dear lady?

C. is such an inspiration to me. She is one of the most positive, encouraging women I know and always has a smile on her face. I miss seeing her pull in to the school parking lot as I'm leaving. She always had a big wave for me. She just battled an infection and had to be hospitalized but is now able to be at home. The chemo is really taking its toll on her body, as you can well imagine. One of the most difficult parts of this is that she can't have any visitors for fear of germs etc. I will be sending a card in the next few days. I will also be taking the family a meal in a few weeks.

I want you to know about a great internet tool for scheduling meals. I just learned of it this week.

It's called Food Tidings

From the website:

Food Tidings exists to simplify the process of organizing meals for friends or family members in a transitional time of life. For someone who has just had a baby, recovering from surgery or injury, grieving the passing of a loved one, confined to bed rest, and almost anything else, receiving dinners from loved ones can be very comforting and helpful.

From all I can tell it is very easy to navigate. If you are the one organizing the meals you simply have to fill out a short form and have your email addresses ready to go. An email gets sent out to everyone on your list and they follow the link and sign up for a date that is available and suits them well. It was a piece of cake.

Here is the FAQ page.


Would you please pray for C. and her family at this time?

James 5:16

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.


Donna Boucher said...

I will pray. I am so sorry.

I hate cancer. It is evil.

Anita said...

Of course I'll pray.
I agree with Donna. It's evil and steals too many people.
It's our version of the Black Plague.

Food Tidings is a great idea!

Oh Janet, wouldn't it be lovely if our most difficult discussions were about pasta?

Bless you for being a wonderful friend to this woman.

Janet said...

Thank you Donna and Anita.

Amy said...


I'll be praying for your friend. What a terrible situation.

We've just started using Care Calendar in our neighborhood and it is very nice.

I hope you're doing well!