Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Big Day

For Lauren and Mommy.

Today is Lauren's first day of half day Kindergarten. She has been so excited to start school. Lauren's snack and water bottle were packed and ready last night. Her backpack was by the garage door and ready to go. I walked her to class, helped her get situated and kissed her goodbye. No tears, she was busy playing with large wooden blocks.

And then I had to walk back to the car. ALONE.

I also had to walk in to the house. ALONE.

I did these things with a big ole lump in my throat. My feelings are very mixed. This is the first time in 16+ years I've been alone in my house without a baby to nurse or a child to teach or a toddler to chase. It is surreal. I feel sad, glad, relieved, exhausted, encouraged and ready. I am ready to start a new phase of life eating Bon Bons on the couch. Oh, I kid. I never liked Bon Bons anyway.

A few other thoughts.

Some of the mom's think it's funny that this is my first Kindergarten experience and I have 4 older kids.

They can't believe I have 5 kids. Although I'm nothing compared to the M. family, they have 10.

I think maybe I'm the oldest Kindergarten mom. Maybe.

And last but not least....I'm cleaning my bathroom, shower and all. :) Scrubbing it to death. It hasn't been done in 16 years. I kid, again.



Donna Boucher said...

You know what Janet, I was thinking about having your little one go off....

You will be doing the same things you have always done;laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, organizing. BUT, you will be doing those things alone.

I know you will turn on your favorite music and the time will fly by!!!

Wishing you both well on your big adventures!

Nancy said...

I understand "being the oldest kindergarten mom." I was 41 when my baby went to school and found myself at the first parent night with about 20 parents who all looked like they were about 12 years old.

*sniff* I took my baby to high school yesterday . . . now I'm scared that when she graduates I'm gonna be the oldest Mom at graduation.

Donna Boucher said...


I will be 60 when Katie graduates from high school.

Oh my! I was 47 when she was five!

Anita said...

Those emotions are the same ones I felt years ago, when I brought my oldest to 1st grade, my youngest to kindergarten, and then tucked my baby in for his nap.
"I don't like to be alone" I said sadly, and brought everyone back to homeschool.
I hope you just love this new phase of life.
We went to the Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa a few years back. My kids just loved it!

Linda said...

Janet.....I've crossed the fifty year threshold and I have twin four year olds....which means I can safely say...you will not be the oldest kindergarten mom of all times.

Janet said...

linda! you are very blessed. I'm sure those twins keep you on your toes. :) One mom at school has a sophmore in collega and a brand new baby. That baby is adorable!

Junebug said...

Janet, your family is beautiful! Here's wishing you ((hugs)) for that lump in your throat. I remember sending my kids off to public school after teaching them to middle school and it was hard. Then they each graduated high school and then they each went away to college. Oh, the lumps. and tears! :D

mom said...

{{{{{group hug for all of us ancient moms of kindergardeners}}}}}

The only difference is that my little one will be sitting next to her ancient mom at the kitchen table doing her schooling...and I will be envying you scrubbing your house clean! LOL!