Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Sarah!

My little peanut is 10 today!

She is very excited because today she gets her ears pierced. She is also a little nervous about how much it might hurt. I pinched her ear lobe a few days ago to give her an idea. Hmmmm, she wasn't so sure about that.

Sarah picked Carolina's Mexican food for dinner and has requested the yummy, slightly undercooked, chocolate chip cookie bars with vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Whatever Sarah wants, Sarah gets. :) It's her day!

I love you Sarah Hope. You are a precious gift from God.



Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! You are adorable and smart and have a sweet spirit....of course your mama should spoil you today!!!

Happy. Happy!

Junebug said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah! My brother's daughter is named Sarah. She is 16.

sister sue said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Have a great day! Love Aunt Sue et al.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! My daughter Marley turned 10 in November and she got her ears pierced for her birthday, too!

sis' cindy :) said...

Sounds like you made some great picks for dinner and CAKE!!

Lots of Love,
Aunt Cindy :)

Anita said...

Happy birthday Sarah Hope- what a lovely name.
Undercooked chocolate chip bars. What a delightful birthday treat.
Pssst- you should have gone for broke on your birthday Sarah, after all, what you want, you get!