Friday, August 29, 2008

One Question

Who will raise her young children?

I am having a very difficult time with this decision.


Donna Boucher said...

She is different than us.
Women with ambition are different.

We can not begin to understand the way they think.
If her children are in school all day, perhaps she thinks she will work then. She will have a nanny and a chef and a private plane and a maid.

Some people manage with a ton on their plates.

I do not and wouldn't want to.
But, gosh, she went back to work three days after her April baby was born. Who was watching him then? She had the day care lined up.
Perhaps daddy will stay home with them. But I doubt it.

How about those names???

Janet said...

The interesting thing, Donna, is that I agree with where she stands on most issues and she seems to be a very fine woman.

Don't sell youself short (or me) you have tons of ambition. :)

"she went back to work three days after her April baby was born"

And this makes my head spin.

I haven't seen the names of her children.

Donna Boucher said...

On September 11, 2007, the Palins' then eighteen-year-old son Track, eldest of five, joined the Army.[75] He now serves in an infantry brigade and will be deployed to Iraq on September 11, 2008.[76] She also has three daughters: Bristol, Willow and Piper.[12]
On April 18, 2008, while in office as governor, Palin gave birth to her second son and fifth child, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who prenatal genetic testing showed would have Down syndrome

Janet said...

It's all good. I agree.

But children need their Mommies. I just can't get past that issue. No nanny can take the place of Mom.

Donna Boucher said...

I just wanted to show you the kids names :o)

Janet said...

I love the names.

anita said...

Doofus that I am- I hadn't even thought of this aspect.
Wow. Biblically, what is the answer?

Let's talk about pasta.

Donna Boucher said...

Go read what Doug Phillips has to say on his blog about this.

I thought McCain was pro-life, but it seems his voting record does not support this. :o(

Junebug said...

She's been working as Governor all this time with children, why should being VP any different? She's the one making this choice. I don't think voting for her or not is going to make her stay home with her children.

Ruthanne said...

As I commented on another blog:

"It breaks my heart to see long-time pro-lifers who should know better intoxicated with glee over this VP choice.

Mrs. Palin's pro-life stance with regard to her precious Down's Syndrome son is absolutely commendable and deeply appreciated, but that doesn't erase John McCain's undeniable pro-abortion record. Yet, because of Mrs. Palin, Christians appear to be jumping on his bandwagon in droves and it's distressing to witness the deception.

Obviously, that's only one factor in a situation that is biblically problematic on several levels, as Mr. Phillips expressed.

I've read Mr. Einwechter's article before and was happy to review it again today. It's excellent."


I must confess, the thought that that little Down's son of hers needs her more than ever (as do her older children, still!) has passed through my mind many times today.


I'm ambitious. At one time I was aggressively pursuing filmmaking. But the Lord worked in my heart to take a different path; one I'll never regret.

And I'm still ambitious. ;)


We're voting for Chuck Baldwin.


And those *are* some great names.


Love to you, Janet!

~ Ruthanne

Janet said...

Hello Ladies! Thank you for such gracious comments. As you know I don't typically talk politics, I'd rather talk pasta. tee hee

Donna, I already read Doug Phillip's post.

Anita, so, do you like rigatoni? :)

junebug, you are right. My vote or voice will not change her mind about being home with her children no matter the office.

Ruthanne, HI! I'm glad you stopped by.

Junebug said...

Hi Janet,
You know, hopefully, that I didn't say that just to be right about her staying home. Our votes do make a difference I believe but if you don't like McCain for being pro-abortion, what kind of choice do you get with Obama/Biden? Really? I voted for Ron Paul in the primary but it's just like throwing away your vote I think. The only two viable candidates are going to be either Republican or Democrat.

Linda said...

I feel a bit like a salmon swimming upstream on this one. I really do not feel she is that much different then we are...Donna.... I defy you to find a woman with more ambition than Ree..and yet she manages to care well for her children. I think that perhaps women like Govenor simply compartmentalize better than others. It would not make her a better wife and mother is she scrubs her own kitchen floor, or if her children's cookies are home rather than bakery made.

Being back in the office 3 days after delivering isn't the same as going back to work. As I understand it...she went back to the office, baby, husband and other children in tow to make the single point....yes, I have a handicapped child, but you will not use that against him or me. As a mother ofa child with special challenges...I understand the moxie that says....I will climb higher, run faster, and take on more because, I will not have anyone blaming my failures on the extra care my child needs.

Ruthanne- With all due respect....I think perhaps you should take another look at John McCain's voting record. He has the single most pro-life record in the senate. Even National RIght to Life has given the McCain/Palin ticket their highest endorsement.

I come from a very conservative background. I'm a stay at home Mom of nine.....and I believe with all my heart that at home with my children is where I belong. I have over the years also employed a nanny. I can tell you that there are many misconceptions of what a nanny's role is in a child's life. Having a nanny allowed me the opportunity to spend the time needed to enable two of our children the opportunity to learn to read. Without our nanny it would have been impossible to spend the time needed to overcome their dyslexia. Now as students at the top of their classes...I can tell you it was a choice that was perfect for us. A good the link who can step in and say....let's find your Mom you need her now....or hey, let me help you with that if it isn't a crucial Mom moment.

I am a conservative woman who also believes that feminism isn't a dirty word. Without it....there would be no reason for any of the ladies who have replied to wonder about whom to vote for...for we would not have the vote. Without feminism my daughters would have far fewer choices in life.

I have spent the past seventeen years as a room mother in assorted classrooms...not a single one of those years have passed without a version of the SAHM vs working mom argument. In my humble is silly. Moms come in all shapes, types, and temperments.... if Gov. Palin can add a "Mom's Voice" to the current discussion....I'm not certain that is a bad thing. How many times over a cup of tea have you heard or said..... if only Mom's had a seat at the table ....... well, this is our chance. Carpe Deim!

Ruthanne said...

Hey Janet, it's been bothering me for the last couple of days...

In my comment I talked about being ambitious. My comment didn't come out right. I'm afraid it could be read as prideful and that's *not the least bit* how I meant it. I could spend space here trying harder to explain what I meant, but I don't have the energy. I'm kinda tired and... well, unambitious... at the moment. :P

Linda ~ I don't trust the National Right to Life. They are very wishy-washy and flip-flop quite a bit themselves. They have a reputation in the pro-life community for being inconsistent.

McCain currently believes the murder of a preborn child is acceptable in the cases of rape, incest and the "life of the mother" (a very vague term). I believe all abortion is wrong, no exceptions. So I cannot, with a clear conscience, vote for him.

Thank you for the very kind tone, however, in the way you addressed your disagreement with me. I appreciate your gentleness. : )

~ Ruthanne

4funboys said...


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