Monday, April 23, 2007


What's that?

Oh boy am I tired. Yes, I got on this computer to let you know how tired and worn out I am. :) I am alive, just tired. Some of it illness induced, some of it Nascar induced (that's for another post, redneck) and some of it Lauren induced.

Have you ever wanted to escape to a hotel room for a night or six? I have and right now is one of those times I wish I could go away and sleep. I know that if I did go away for one night I would a) end up with the party animals next door b) not be able to sleep because I am now 41 and you know what happens after 40 or c) get there, settle in and wonder what on earth I was doing, miss my family and not be able to sleep anyway!!

I guess I'll just stay home and love my family that God has blessed me with and persevere through this short season of illness and sleeplessness.

Praising God.


Donna Boucher said...

I'm so sorry you are so tired and unable to sleep.
I can really relate.
Are you able to sneak a nap in the afternoon Janet?
Are you able to score some Ambien?

Lean on God.
Ask him for His strength.

Love you,

Donna Boucher said...

Still thinking of you and I will say a prayer for a really good night.

Janet said...

Thank you Donna. Dani and Hannah are improving and we are all getting a little more sleep! All is well.

sleepless in MO :) cgb said...

Sleep..what is THAT!?! One night I thought I would take Tylenol pm so I could sleep and I tossed and turned worried I wouldn't wake up!! UGH!! I am NOT a medicne taker!