Thursday, April 05, 2007

Biblical Parenting

I am looking forward to this series at Pulpit Magazine. So far what I've read is very good Biblical advise and information.

And so far I give them a hearty AMEN!

I found that button at Pyromaniacs and that is probably why that poor child has the logo on her darling pink t-shirt. :)

Anyway, it is good stuff over there and I hope it encourages you today and the rest of the month.


Lynn in WI said...

Hi Janet--

I'm looking forward to reading those articles when I've got more than 5 minutes! Is Shepherd's Fellowship your church?

Donna flies home within 24 hours! I'll be so glad to see her. :)

Janet said...

No Lynn, that's not our church. Here is more information about who they are.

Lynn in WI said...

Hi Janet,

I've been checking the AA site and it looks like Donna's flight is right on time. THey've left London and are in the air--probably over the Atlantic!